Evalato was recently named ‘Easiest To Use’ awards management software for the fall of 2022 by G2. That makes it the 6th time in a row to receive that prestigious prize by the third-party review site, which features peer-to-peer reviews on software.

Here are the additional medals Evalato received from G2 based on the usability and satisfaction ratings: 

  • Easiest Setup
  • Easiest Admin 
  • Fastest Implementation
  • Best Meets Requirements
  • Easiest To Do Business With
  • Easiest To Do Business With Small-Business
  • High Performer Small-Business
  • High Performer

G2 also awarded Evalato with two additional special prizes: 

  • Momentum Leader

It’s the 3rd consecutive time to receive that award which comes to show that Evalato is gaining momentum in the awards software industry.

  • Users Love Us  

The award we cherish the most from them all! From the small non-profit in the UK to the largest awards organizer in the United States, Evalato is loved by customers in 80+ countries worldwide and this badge is here to prove it.


What makes Evalato the easiest awards management system?

We’ve designed Evalato to be extremely intuitive yet powerful and robust – a rare gem in the software world. Here is why we deserve to be named the easiest awards software in our customers’ own words:

➡️ Getting started is a breeze

Evalato is extremely intuitive and user-friendly. You just sign up and start working on your competition right away. We needed no training at all!

Ulyana Vincheva, CEO, Dental Tribune Bulgaria

➡️ Simplifies your workflow

One word – simplicity. Evalato is a tool I wouldn’t replace for anything. How easy it makes the review phase. Setting up different rounds is quick and easy. Sending entries to the judges takes just a click!
Tia S, Business Owner

➡️ Huge time-saver

Using Evalato has saved a considerable amount of staff time which has greatly increased our ability to provide better quality and more frequent awards programs.’

Garrett Mickley, Communications Director, The American Institute of Building Design

➡️ Convenient for all parties involved

One of the most important factors for us when it comes to awards management platform is how convenient it is for our applicants and judges. The positive feedback we got from them about Evalato was a proof that switching to Evalato was one of the most important innovations for Eventex Awards in the last few years. This year, we are running even more programs with Evalato.

Grigor K., Project manager, Eventex Awards

➡️ Five-star support team

We’re regularly recognized for our on-time assistance and friendly support reps. No matter your plan, you get that 5-star support with Evalato.


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