How Career Show pivoted to an engaging virtual event with 6000+ one-on-one online meetings thanks to Evalato

With: Daniela Stamova, Event Manager, Career Show

How Career Show pivoted to an engaging virtual event with 6000+ one-on-one online meetings thanks to Evalato

With: Daniela Stamova, Event Manager, Career Show


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online 1:1 meetings in 2 days


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Career Show is the biggest career fair in Bulgaria connecting the most desirable employers in Europe with thousands of highly qualified pre-screened job seekers. The career expo aims to show the latest trends in the field of career development and has a rich event program of sessions and various activities. In addition, the team organizes smaller industry-specific career events throughout the year.

Career Show have been using Evalato right from the off for the job applicant selection process for the career fair and the industry-specific career events. The project turned out to be a mega success from edition one and the number of attendees and exhibitors keeps growing substantially with each new edition of the event.

2020 posed a huge challenge for the team as the in-person event had to quickly transition to a virtual format due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation. The Career Show team used the then beta version of Evalato’s virtual event solution to run their first ever virtual expo.

The Career Show project also includes a national annual best employer awards and public voting competitions, both managed with Evalato. You can learn more about this use case here.

Major challenges & pain points

For the 2020 edition, the Career Show team needed:

  • a quick and efficient transitioning from an in-person to a virtual event;
  • achieve a similar to an in-person event experience and provide the same value for exhibitors and attendees in a virtual environment
  • easy-to-fill-out-and-submit application forms for attendance;
  • to facilitate an efficient and enjoyable online matchmaking process for employers and job applicants;
  • smooth 1:1 online meetings;
  • to handle an immense volume of attendee submissions.

“‘In 2020 we were forced by the circumstances to hold Career Show virtually. We were faced with the challenge to transition from an in-person to a virtual event quickly and find the most efficient and convenient way to connect employers and applicants entirely online without losing any of the added value of their participation.”

Daniela Stamova, Event Manager of Career Show

What they did

Pivoting to virtual – easy peasy lemon squeezy🍋

We were already using Evalato for the selection process of the attendees, so we were pleased to see that the platform could help us transition Career Show quickly and efficiently into a virtual event without having to use various software solutions. Thanks to the intuitiveness and the astonishingly easy program set-up, we were able to make the transition in just one day!

Daniela Stamova, Event Manager of Career Show

Evalato is extremely intuitive and user-friendly so setting up of a new event could take literally minutes. Career Show were already in a quite advanced stage of organizing their in-person event but even so it took them a day to pivot to virtual without a hitch.

A next-gen virtual career fair 🤝🏄

One of the most difficult challenges, yet a key factor for the success of Career Show 2020 was creating the same value and results for exhibitors and attendees and achieving that in-person relation building in a completely virtual environment. Evalato’s detailed participant profiles, advanced filtering options, extremely easy matchmaking process and intuitive meeting scheduling made that all possible.

Using Evalato helped us stand out through the extremely efficient one-on-one video meetings between job seekers and employers. Various filters allowed people to optimize their search, which proved extremely efficient and was highly rated by our participants and exhibitors. Thanks to Evalato, we were able to increase the added value and success rate for all parties involved. The option to set up meeting rules came in handy as well, we could control the access of the participants from different categories, avoiding confusion and mix-ups.

Daniela Stamova, Event Manager of Career Show

Handling an unexpected amount of extra work, like a walk in the park 🧘‍♀️☯️

Being a closed event for pre-screened job candidates only, all attendees at Career Show have to register first so their profiles can be reviewed by the organizers before being given access to the fair. In 2020 the number of applicants grew exponentially reaching over 5500 submissions (on average they had 159 submissions daily in the last 2 weeks before the event). Еvalato helped the small Career Show team to handle this huge amount of applications without any delay or issues.

Handling all submissions for event participants in a timely manner is extremely important as keeping everyone informed about the progress of their application is crucial for the success of the event. However, that can be quite time-consuming, especially when submissions come in by the hundreds on a daily basis. Evalato was our lifebelt, really – we couldn’t have managed without it!

Daniela Stamova, Event Manager of Career Show

The results

Evalato offers all the features you need to hold a virtual event and it made the transition process incredibly easy for us. It helped us save valuable time and discover a smart way to deal with time-consuming tasks, allowing us to focus on new and creative ways to increase awareness about the event and provide added value to both attendees and employers, in order to attract more participants and create an exceptional experience. As a result, in 2020 we achieved some spectacular feats.

Daniela Stamova, Event Manager of Career Show

  • 70% increase in attendees (5 500+)
  • 6000+ online one-on-one meetings over the 2 days of the event
  • 280+ representatives of leading companies
  • 33 activities and sessions streamed through the platform with 4500+ views on the days of the event itself

With Evalato you get everything in one place – it’s an unbelievably flexible platform, giving you endless possibilities to set up and manage your virtual events.

Daniela Stamova, Event Manager of Career Show

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