Hello, Evalato – lead the way!

We’ve changed our name, hurray! Weemss Awards Management is now Evalato.

Weemss started as a unified platform to suit the needs of both: event organizers and program managers. In four years of careful listening to our customers, we decided to separate the two main services that Weemss offers and create Evalato – dedicated only to awards, competitions, grants, scholarships, applications, employee recognition, funding and other programs.

Why bother?

Rebranding a highly successful product with customers from 70+ countries, various verticals and sizes, is a bold thing to do. But daring is a part of our DNA and one of the reasons we’re trend-setters in our industry.

We realized that setting Evalato apart will allow us to better focus on both products. It will also let us meet our customers’ specific needs more effectively, which is what matters most to us.

However, we didn’t simply move to a new home in the cloud and change our name. We re-imagined the whole product by adding new features, improving some processes and redesigning the interface – to ultimately create what we believe is the submission and evaluation platform of the future.

Why Evalato?

We aimed for a highly memorable name that represents the core of any awards or competitive program – the evaluation part – where the magic of recognizing the best of the best happens. Introducing new features to perfect the evaluation process was also where we put the most efforts at when working on Evalato’s development.

That’s it – a new name for a better product! Evalato is here to amaze you and everybody involved in your programs. Enjoy!

Simona and Ovanes, Founders of Evalato
01 October 2018

Launch your program in minutes

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Launch your program in minutes

No credit card required. Unlimited free testing.