“Work hard smart!”, Evalato

Working in a smart and efficient way is the only way we know. That’s exactly what you get with Evalato.

Our mission

We know recognizing the crème de la crème is more than a job. It’s a mission that aims to trigger progress and make a difference in one’s life or in a whole industry.

We’re thrilled to be part of that! Facilitating these missions and making everyone involved happy is our ultimate goal.

Our story

Back in 2016, Evalato started as a part of Weemss to step up in 2018 as a separate, re-imagined product with many new features and improvements.

Evalato is the result of our firm belief in the working-smart approach, constant innovation and careful listening to our customers’ needs.


Today, Evalato is the preferred solution of awards organizers and program managers in over 80 countries on 6 continents and has one of the fastest-growing user bases on the market. Among our customers are names like Forbes, Bloomberg, UN, WWF, Red Cross, University of Toronto, American Advertising Federation, Association of Asia Pacific Airlines, BNP Paribas. See our Customers’ success stories

Evalato vibes

Honour Results

We’re highly result-oriented and measure our success by our customers’ satisfaction.

Set the trends

As natural self-starters, we don’t settle with the trends but set them.

Always Excel

We put up with nothing but excellence in everything we do.

Constantly Evolve

We never stop improving Evalato by attentively listening to our customers.

Truly Care

Whether a Fortune 500 corporation or a small NGO, we treat each and every customer the same awesome way.

Dream big

We’re big dreamers who want to build a like-minded community around Evalato.

We work the way we live: enjoying every minute of the ride and giving 100% in everything we do

We are a fully distributed team working completely remotely from different time zones: no offices, no commuting and all the hassle. The results: a more productive and happy team!

From Barcelona, New York, Strasbourg and Sofia, expect a warm “Hi” (or Hola, Bonjour or Zdravey) and great support from our friendly team.

Launch your program in minutes

No credit card required. Unlimited free testing.

Launch your program in minutes

No credit card required. Unlimited free testing.