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  • Customizable process
  • Program webpage
  • Embeddable registration form
  • Score voting
  • Automatic & broadcast emails
  • Analytics & data export
  • Integrations


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  • All Starter features
  • Unlimited applications
  • Branding & vanity domain
  • Charge application fees
  • Multiple judging modes
  • Public voting
  • Applications page


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  • All Business features
  • Custom domain
  • Custom email
    Video hosting & playback
    Unlimited file upload
    All judging modes
  • Score normalization
  • Premium integrations


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  • All Premium features
  • Large submission volumes
  • White labeling
    Non-standard contract terms
    Priority support
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Program and applications included


Number of programs included with the plan. A program is any kind of project managed through Evalato - it can be an awards program, competition, event, scholarship, etc. It can even be a combination of program types under a single program.


Program validity

A program can be active for up to 365 days after going live. You can choose to extend the program at the end of the period by renewing your plan or cloning the program (for the next edition).

365 days
365 days
365 days
365 days


Every registered application counts towards the respective pricing plan’s limit (50, 100, or 200 applications for the Starter plans).

Applications that you cancel or delete do not count towards that limit, provided they have never been approved. 

Branding and Website

Logo branding

Use your own logo across various elements of your program to strengthen brand recognition.

40+ languages supported

Choose from 40+ languages to translate the whole program experience for applicants and judges.

Webpage builder

Create a web page in just a few easy steps, where people can find out more about your program and register.

Embeddable registration form

Create and customize the registration form to your liking, then embed it in your website with a simple copy-paste.

Multi-device experience

Welcome to the next-level, where every element of your program can be experienced from any personal or mobile device.

Branded applicant portal

Upload a logo and cover photo on the applicant portal for a seamless experience.

Custom style and colors

Choose the style, color, and font of your program’s embeddable registration form.

Vanity domain

e.g. - Customize the program’s URL with your unique brand so it’s easier for users to remember, access, and share it.

Custom domain

e.g. - Use your own domain for all of your program links.


e.g. - Use your own domain for all of your program links.


Customizable application process

Choose when people can register, submit, edit, resubmit or withdraw their applications. Approve applications manually or automatically. Option to require resubmission from applicants.

Fast Apply™ applicant portal

Applicants enjoy a full-feature next-gen submission portal, where they can create, edit, save, resume, and submit their work.


Select entries for resubmission and notify the applicants in a few easy clicks. Allows for a two-stage submission process where additional information is required of applicants, after the initial submission

Enhanced category and group structure

Choose to allow single or multiple applications per registration. Enhanced registration form structure with up to 3 levels grouping and subgrouping.

Assignable and customizable forms

Tailor your program’s application forms according to your exact specifications, with required fields, hidden fields, questions, etc.

Unlimited forms and fields

Create as many forms as you require, add every field you need and collect the right information to make your program a success.

Video hosting & playback

Maximum upload size per file

Unlimited number of files (up to 20MB per file) and all of your program data is safely stored.

20 MB
20 MB

Charge application fees

Quickly set your entry prices and easily collect fees from people who wish to apply for your program.

Set entry prices and discounts

Designed to help you sell more with conversion triggers, automated special offers and promo codes for manual use.

160+ currencies supported

Sell in any of the 160+ supported currencies, regardless of where you are on the world map.

Payments via Stripe and PayPal

Accept payments via 30+ cards, wallets, and various payment methods - directly into your own Stripe, Braintree or PayPal merchant account!

Custom billing and tax rules

Set what billing information you wish to collect and adjust your tax settings including custom tax, when to apply, and country-specific rules.


One-click entry approval and shortlisting

Mass approve and shortlist entries with a single click of the mouse, or micro-manage each one in greater detail and just as easily.

Unlimited evaluation rounds

Unlimited evaluation rounds

Unlimited judges

Invite and manage with ease as many people as you need for the evaluation phase of your program.

Advanced judge assignment

Robust jury member assignment to program categories and/or evaluation rounds offers total control over the judging process.

Full-featured judging portal

Program judges can vote, abstain, and leave comments from any personal or mobile device, for maximum convenience.

Judge comments

Add another dimension to your voting phase by enabling judge comments to your evaluation rounds.

Judge abstention

Avoid conflicts of interest, by allowing judges to abstain from voting.

Score voting with custom criteria

Create even the most complex scoring system with custom criteria, weights, scale, automatic calculation of the final rating.

Popularity voting

Customizable popularity voting system allows you to easily pick favourites among program applications based on the most votes.

Simple review voting

Simple review system for when you need to approve or reject applications before the next phase of the program.

Points voting

Where people tasked with evaluating the applications get to assign a set amount of points to the applications.

Public voting

You can let the public have their say by creating a public round, where every person uses one of their social profiles to log-in and vote.

Positional voting

A system where voters express their preferences in rank order, while applications get points based on their rank position, and the ones with the most points overall win. 

Single transferable vote

A rank-based system where a vote is initially allocated to the voter’s first preference, but may be transferred to an alternate preference. 

Score normalization

Reduce variation in scores and standardize results, regardless of how many judges are evaluating the program submissions.

Results and Winners

Real-time results and judging progress

Real-time results and judging progress

Manage votes

Detailed program results and easy individual votes management gives you unrivaled control over your program.

Tags for labeling winners

Tag submissions for easy management, great quality of life feature when you wish to mark applications for one reason or another. Like tag the winners, for example.

Public applications page

Showcase program applications, results, judge comments, individual votes in just a few clicks of the mouse.

Management & Analytics

Unlimited admins

Invite as many people as you need to help you manage the program - no limits or paywalls with Evalato.

Real-time analytics

Detailed sales analytics help you improve all the time, you are the sole owner of all program data, that’s guaranteed.

Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel

Track goals, page visitors, generate reports in Google Analytics, improve the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns with Facebook Pixel.

Automated email communication

Handle applicant communication like never before - fully automated and highly customizable down to the last detail.

Program archive

We’ll store all data, reports, and files about your programs, so you don’t lose any information on your previous projects with us.

Pre-made templates

Preconfigured customizable templates which enable you to set up your program faster than ever. 

One-click program cloning

Once you set up a program you can copy it to have the essential settings carried over to a new program with a click of a button.

Export - ZIP, XLS, different formats

Fantastic data portability with various export options including PDF files, excel spreadsheets, and different folder structure settings.

Connect to 5000+ apps via Zapier

Evalato connects to all your favourite apps and services on the web via Zapier, so you can streamline your work and get more done.

Use your email address

Engage program participants using your own “send” address.

Ecommerce tracking

Enjoy better reports and more specific insights with Google’s advanced ecommerce tracking.

Intercom & Hubspot integration

Empower your awards with integrated chat, support widget, and visitors tracking via HubSpot / Intercom

Customer support

Unlimited 5-star support

Everyone agrees our customer support is kickass, we’re always happy to answer your questions and help you every step of the way.

24/7 support hours

We offer 24/7 email and chat support.

2-hour response time

Over 90% of all requests are solved within the 2-hour mark.

Pre-launch check

You’ve set up your program and tested everything, but want to be sure you haven’t missed anything - let us have a look and we’ll help.

Complimentary renewal support

Renewing your program? We have you covered with extra time with one of our customer success managers to help you set up the next edition, optimize your workflow, and make the most out of Evalato’s features.  

Help center, support articles and tutorials

We’ve always got your back with easy-to-follow help documentation, in-app tooltips, support articles and video tutorials.

Priority support

We’ve always got your back with easy-to-follow help documentation, in-app tooltips, support articles and video tutorials.

Dedicated account manager

We’ve always got your back with easy-to-follow help documentation, in-app tooltips, support articles and video tutorials.


100% data ownership

You own your program’s data, all of it - we don’t use any of it, share it with 3rd parties, or market to your customers.

Secure storage with restricted access

Enjoy bank-level data privacy and security for you and your customers, monitored 24/7/365 to prevent unauthorized access.

99.98% Uptime

We are dedicated to keeping downtimes to a minimum and the service successfully maintains an uptime of 99.98%.

Multiple backups

Data is backed up several times a day in multiple remote locations and stored on an internal non-publicly visible network for extra protection.

Superior email deliverability

SendGrid maintains the email servers and infrastructure for all communication sent through Evalato, ensuring the highest deliverability and protection for your program emails.

Secure payments

Enjoy fully PCI DSS compliant payments. We’ve integrated some of the leading 3rd party gateways in the world to guarantee you safe processing.

GDPR / PCI DSS / Privacy Shield

Evalato is fast, secure, and fully compliant with all regulations, so you can be at ease managing your programs like a boss.

Non-standard contract terms

Evalato is fast, secure, and fully compliant with all regulations, so you can be at ease managing your programs like a boss.

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