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Awards management course

Awards Management Certification

The first certification course of its kind and the ultimate destination for upgrading your awards management skills for free.

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30+ Lessons
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Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, the Awards Management Certification course features comprehensive lessons aimed at helping you make the most out of your awards program and grow.

All you need to know about awards management
Skills applicable for any type of awards program, in any industry
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Who is it for

Awards organizers
CRM program managers
Grant managers
Scholarship managers
HR managers
…and organizers of any type of program with an application and evaluation phase.

Chapters Overview

Evalato Academy: Chapter 1 - Intro
Chapter 1
20 MIN

An introduction to the fundamentals of awards programs and the benefits of organizing them.

Evalato Academy: Chapter 2 - Planning
Chapter 2
24 MIN

How to develop a comprehensive plan for organizing an awards program, covering all stages. 

Evalato Academy: Chapter 3-Marketing
Chapter 3
17 MIN

How to effectively promote your awards marketing program.

Evalato Academy: Chapter 4-Setup & Launch
Chapter 4

How to create entry forms, categories, terms and conditions, etc. for your program.

Evalato Academy: Chapter 5-Collecting Entries
Chapter 5

How to efficiently collect and manage entries for your program.  

Evalato Academy: Chapter 6-Evaluation
Chapter 6
20 MIN

How to manage your judging process, complete with different voting types and evaluation rounds.

Evalato Academy: Chapter 7-Announcing the winners
Chapter 7

How to manage your judging process, complete with different voting types and evaluation rounds.

Evalato Academy: Chapter 8-Measure Results
Chapter 8

How to evaluate the success of your awards program.

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