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Awards Management.

Evalato is the next-gen awards management software that helps you collect applications, empower judging, and pick the worthiest winners.

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Awards Management. Re-imagined.
Evalato - Awards Management Software
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Run any type of awards program

Evalato’s intuitive yet powerful awards platform gives everyone the flexibility to run any type of awards program and work smarter. Customize everything down to the last detail and match your unique awards workflow.
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Superpower your awards programs

Automate your workflow, accelerate processes and streamline the whole awards program lifecycle with all the tools you need in one place.

⬆️ 58% more entries on average

Collect entries

Set up the application experience just the way you want it and effortlessly manage numerous entries as they come in.
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⏱️ 3x faster judging

Empower judging

Our powerful yet intuitive evaluation suite enables judges to perform their tasks fast and easy, from any device.
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🧘🏾 40 hours saved per month

Pick winners

Easily handle the entire lifecycle of your program and recognize the top applications.
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From the small non-profit in the UK to the largest awards organizer in the US, Evalato awards software is loved by thousands of customers from all industries worldwide.

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Our product, tech and support superheroes are working hard to help you get the most out of Evalato, so you can focus on growing without limits.

Enterprise-grade security
Full compliance with regulations, bank-level protection, and meticulous monitoring.
24/7 five star support
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100% data ownership
You are the sole owner of your data. 
Lightning fast, ultra scalable
Reliable infrastructure that handles thousands of entries simultaneously with 99.98% uptime. 
Integrated with 5000+ apps
Automate almost any task by connecting Evalato to the tools you already use.
24/7 five star support

“It’s like magic”

Our customers love how easy it is to launch and manage awards programs with Evalato.

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