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May 12, 2021

Evalato update: Auto-approve applications, new question options and a revamped applicant portal

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Hot on the heels of our absolutely massive virtual events update, we’re showing the programs platform some love here. We just released a new update with some great improvements including a killer visual overhaul of the applicant portal!

Completely revamped applicant portal

We know the user experience for people who register for your programs is very important. So we gave the applicant portal a brand new look. It’s not just a facelift though, we’ve improved visibility and our software wizards made the interface more responsive. It’s modern, fast, sleek and words or screenshots just won't do it justice, so you should probably simply check it out yourself.

We did keep the original structure though, because it’s tried and tested to be quite efficient and intuitive. People love it as it is and we’ believe there's no point in trying to fix something that isn’t broken.

Improved UI and menu structure

Over the past couple of months we’ve been actively improving the UI and the menu structure. Evalato allows you to tailor every element of your program, which means that there are a ton of options and settings you can play with. This latest update brings more changes to the Program menu to make things more intuitive and your job easier. Now you get to breeze through every task more so than ever before.

Auto-approving applications

Speaking of settings and options, we added a few of these. Now you can choose between manual and auto-approving of submitted applications. It’s another feature that many of you asked for, so we’re happy to deliver.

Question field settings

We felt the “Question” field needed some improvements and here’s what we added:

  • now you can sort the Question field’s answer options in alphabetical order
  • option to use an existing Question field on a different application form. The Country field also has this option.
  • a multiple select option with auto-complete for the Question field, great if you have many options to choose from

More to come

The next quality update is already in the works and we think you’re gonna love it as well. We have big plans for both products (the virtual events and the programs platforms) in the coming months. On that note, you’re probably well aware by now that we pay particularly close attention to your feedback. So keep the great ideas, suggestions and feature requests coming!

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