All submission form fields are created equal. They are great, each has an important role to play, and we honestly don’t have any favourites. But our new Media embed field is hands down our favourite of them all!

What makes Media embed so awesome

Simply put, the Media embed field provides a responsive embed for any media! In other words, it allows people to add media that’s hosted on the cloud to their applications in two clicks of the mouse. That’s right, no uploads – you just link to:

  • an image;
  • a video or audio file;
  • an article;
  • a website;
  • even a map location! 

It all gets automagically embedded into the application. Basically, if you’re only going to add a single field to your application form, make sure it’s the Media embed one!

What makes Evalato the best

At Evalato we’re committed to providing you with the best possible program management service, as well as giving your program applicants the perfect platform to present their content and for judges to access that content. Obviously, Media embed is pretty great for program judges, as it allows them to watch a YouTube video, see a Google Maps location, view an image hosted on Imgur or an Instagram photo, listen to a podcast on Spotify, and more – directly on the application form.

Register now and start working smart, as opposed to hard. If you’re that much of a hard-worker, then do it for the people you hope to send you their applications – with Evalato it’s objectively quicker, cleaner, and easier than ever for them to present their content.

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