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Aug 9, 2019

Christmas in August as public voting arrives in Evalato

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Oh, it’s only the most anticipated functionality we’ve ever released - next-gen submission and evaluation platform Evalato now has public voting, friends! A lot of work went into this, but it was well worth it and we absolutely nailed it. Many of you have been asking for such a feature since we launched the platform last year, we heard you and now you can let the public have their say! Here’s why allowing people to express their opinion can be an important aspect of your program.

  • Adds a new dimension to your program
  • Increases program engagement
  • Stimulates discussion on social media channels
  • Shapes the program’s image
  • Improves transparency

In short, it helps you generate visibility, recognition, and increases the scale for your programs.

Public voting done right

Here’s our favourite part (OK, one of many really) - public voting doesn’t require some lengthy registration process in order to cast a vote! Still, we wanted to make sure there’s no possibility of rigging results, so if somebody wants to vote they simply log in using their Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn profile. That makes it easy for anyone to quickly cast their vote without going through any extra hassles.

You have full control

With Evalato you have the perfect platform for the public to have their say and, as usual, we’ve given you total control over every detail.If you want to keep it simple, you can pick the Popularity voting for example and allow people to give star (various icons available) ratings. It’s the most popular option for public voting. There’s plenty of customization here - for example you can limit the number of stars a person can give in a category and for that particular voting round.

There are more voting types to choose from including Score voting, which lets you add multiple criteria, each with its own weight and scale, to form the total score of the submission.You also have the Simple review option where people can vote for or against a submission, and a Points voting option, which is a points distribution system that can again be limited per submission, category, and round.

Mix public voting and judging

Evalato is well known for its high customization options and high flexibility, so it’s only natural that you can combine public voting and judging. For example, the public votes for the shortlisted submissions in a category, then the judges get to decide who the finalists are and who is announced as the winner. Or maybe let both the public and the program judges pick their own winners among the same submissions!

Of course there’s more to come!

Evalato is growing so fast it’s not even funny. And not just in terms of users - the number of features and improvements we added since the platform launched less than a year ago, is nothing short of impressive. But there’s just no stopping us, we’ve got more awesome updates in the works. Register now to add public voting done right for your awards, contests, and any other kind of program. Evalato is the submission and evaluation platform of the future that combines ease of use, bank-level data security, and a robust set of flexible features.

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