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Mar 10, 2023

Evalato helps Eventex Awards achieve unprecedented 99% submission rate

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Eventex Awards, which celebrate creativity, innovation, and effectiveness in the events industry, has achieved a massive 99% application submission rate for their 13th edition. The result marks a record for the awards and is a recognition of the usability of Evalato which has been powering Eventex Awards since their 9th year. 

A record submission rate

Eventex has just wrapped up the application phase for its 2023 edition, reporting a submission rate of 99%, a first in the awards’ more than a decade-long history. 

“This is absolutely unprecedented and we couldn’t be happier with the turnout,” Dessislava Marinova, Eventex Account Manager, says. 

The Eventex Awards have always been known for their high standards and rigorous judging criteria, and the record-breaking submission rate achieved is a testament to the awards' growing popularity and importance. With Evalato as their trusted partner, the Eventex Awards has provided a platform for the industry's best and brightest to showcase their talent and accomplishments, backed by the following features: 

  • Next-gen applicant portal — Evalato’s intuitive cloud-based portal is the perfect spot for Eventex entrants to work on their submissions; 
  • Photos and videos uploading — entrants can add multiple images or a video of an event to their application as they look to wow the judges; 
  • Option to save as draft — entrants can save their work as draft and return to it later to get a fresh perspective.   

Evalato's automated email reminders were one of the key factors contributing to the record-breaking submission rate. With preconfigured messages sent at the right time, registrants were consistently prompted to submit their entries, freeing up valuable time for the Eventex team who were able to achieve impressive results, while minimizing the need for manual follow-up.

Gearing up for evaluation

It is no wonder then that as many as 765 entries have been approved for evaluation this time around and are now awaiting the judges to evaluate them.

“Evalato made it very easy to sort through all of the submissions to pass them on to our esteemed jury,” Dessislava notes. 

Thankfully, the Eventex Awards jury members have their own judging portals where they will be able to vote on those entries based on the category they have been assigned, so there’s no doubt that they will select the most deserving winners. 

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