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Jan 25, 2024

Evalato kicks off 2024 with a string of G2 badges

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The new year has started on a high note for the Evalato awards management software, with third-party review platform G2 again recognizing our efforts to help customers grow with a string of winter badges. This time around, we have bagged as many as 8 awards, including Best Meets Requirements and Momentum Leader. 

A new batch of G2 awards for Evalato 

G2 has announced its winter badges and we’re proud to be featured with the following awards: 

  • Best Meets Requirements 
  • Best Meets Requirements Small Business 
  • Easiest Admin Small Business 
  • Easiest Setup Small Business 
  • Easiest to Use Small Business 
  • High Performer 
  • High Performer Small Business 
  • Momentum Leader

The badges mark a huge recognition for our awards management platform, which recently introduced more features to the Applicant portal and added more functionality for program organizers in a new update

Helping our customers grow 

As always we have planned quite a few surprises this year and we’re looking forward to unveiling them to you in the coming months. In the meantime, you can see for yourself for free why Evalato gets consistently high ratings from third-party review platforms, or if you prefer to have your questions answered in person, feel free to book a demo with an Evalato expert who will show you around our awards software.  

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