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Feb 17, 2023

Evalato unveils game-changing templates

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With springtime just around the corner, we have something fresh coming your way — we’re excited to launch our brand new templates which we believe will be a real game-changer for customers old and new. Based on the most common use cases, they will enable you to set up and grow your program faster than ever. 

We’ve also redesigned our website to be even more smart, sleek, and intuitive — the qualities that our customers associate with Evalato. 

Introducing program templates 🥳🥳🥳

Choose a template for your program

While setting up a brand new program with Evalato is easy as a breeze, why not make it еven faster? That’s where the new templates come in. After extensive research of our customer needs and trending best practices, we’ve created templates with settings to reflect the most common uses of Evalato.

So, let’s take a look at Evalato’s latest (but not last) improvement:

  • Preconfigured to save you time — all our templates come with preconfigured settings such as categories, evaluation rounds, forms, tags, and automated emails, so you no longer need to spend time setting those up from scratch. 
  • Customizable to adapt to your needs — every element of our templates is completely customizable, so you can tweak it as little or as much as you like, as well as remove or add elements to it to accommodate all your requirements. 
  • Easy to use like everything else in Evalato — the templates are incredibly intuitive and you’ll be able to learn your way around them in no time. In case of questions, our help articles and customer support will come to the rescue.     

While our templates are pretty awesome (even if we say so ourselves), you still have the option to start from scratch or clone your previous program, after all, Evalato makes those alternatives pretty easy too. 

Our new website is here! 👀

Evalato’s new home on the web will sweep you off your feet with its beautiful design and improved usability. It makes it really easy to find all the information you need, be it about how to use Evalato, handy features, or what’s new. 

The redesign comes as we prepare to ramp up our useful content in an effort to help you manage your programs more easily and turn them into a success. Our new website is ready to accommodate new articles, guides, videos, and other resources that will ultimately help you grow. 

More surprises in the cards 🎁

As you can probably guess, we have a lot more in store, so you can expect more surprises going forward. While you wait, check out our new website and templates, and feel free to hit us with suggestions and ideas — your feedback is always welcome. 

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