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Jan 29, 2019

Evalato’s biggest update yet is here

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OK, so it’s Evalato’s first update ever really, but it is a massive one and you’re absolutely going to love it. With this release we wanted to bring you some quality of life improvements. The main change is an overhaul of our Automatic emails feature. New automatic emails were added, tweaks were made, options were included. Here’s a bit more info on the important changes:

New automatic emails

We added new automatic emails that you can use for your programs.

  1. Submission sent/approved/rejected/shortlisted - these are notification emails you can add so people are automatically informed on the status of their submissions. So next time you approve an entry, for example, the person who registered that entry will get an email to let them know
  2. Pending submissions reminder/pending judging reminder - a quick and easy way to remind people involved in the program about approaching deadlines. This is obviously a very useful addition to our automatic emails
  3. Custom - custom emails allow you to create an email and schedule it for a certain date and time

Automating communication with applicants and judges has never been this easy. And yes, you can edit the texts, add merge fields for extra personalization, set your own email address to be the Sender for all communication, set a different Reply to email, and a ton of customization options… because this is Evalato!

Clone a submission form

We’re always listening to your feedback and this feature is another example of that - many of you asked for a way to clone a submission form. We heard you loud and clear, and now you can create an exact copy of a submission form. To clone a form, open the submissions form table and click Clone on the contextual menu at the end of a row. The new form is marked as “cloned”, but you can again use the contextual menu to Edit the name and assign it to different submission categories.

Hide submission categories

A nice feature if you want to hide a submission category from the registration form, but have it visible everywhere else (in the judging portal, submissions lists). You can do that by setting the Status of a category to Hidden. Of course, a hidden category means only you can add submissions to it.

What else is new

  • Some new video tutorials added;
  • when you open a submission from the Evalato admin, you can see the submission’s individual ratings per criteria by judge;
  • individual ratings per criteria added to exported submissions data;
  • made around a hundred small fixes to the platform;
  • removed the Program type setting, because it was causing too much unnecessary confusion for a setting that was only there for statistical purposes.

What’s next

You know us, we’re aiming to improve the platform all the time and we’re already hard at work on the next major update. That’s as much as we’re going to disclose at this point, but rest assured there’s more Evalato blissfulness on the way!Register here to experience how Evalato changes the way you manage your awards, contests, grants, scholarships, and other programs!

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