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Dec 20, 2018

Go with Evalato if customer support matters to you

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Great customer support plays a major role in our mission to deliver the perfect service to you. As a company that truly values its customers, we want to build trust and show you can always count on us. Here’s a bit more information on our customer support approach in the words of Ivan Atanassov, Head of Product Development at Evalato.

5-star customer support always happy to help

“As a gentleman, scholar, and someone with an honest face, I can confidently say that our customer support is one of the best in the industry! We take support very seriously and consider it an integral part of our ultimate mission to deliver the perfect service to you. This becomes pretty obvious just looking at the number of options we’ve created to help you when needed.”

One-click chat support

“There’s an in-app chat support button - click it and we’re ready to assist. We’re very quick in responding to your enquiries and solving issues. Need some advice on how to set things up, so the end result is exactly what you’re looking to achieve? We’d love to help!And if we don’t immediately answer, you’re automatically recommended a few articles based on your enquiry, that can help resolve the issue.”

Extensive help docs

“If you’re like me and would rather read than chat, you’re gonna love our help articles. Depending on who you ask, some people might say I’m a bit of an introvert, but the fact is I’d much rather read how something’s done.The help articles are structured into main categories for easier navigation and will help you 90% of the time.”

Short videos made for easy viewing

“We really went the extra mile when it comes to customer support. We created short tutorial videos for every step of creating and setting up your awards and programs. If you’d rather see instead of read or chat about how something’s done in Evalato - give the tutorials a go!The videos can be accessed from the Video tutorials section of our help docs and via the platform Dashboard.”

Your opinion matters to us

“Last but definitely not least, we’re always eager for your feedback and ideas on how we can improve Evalato. We carefully listen to you and some of our best features were things you requested that we gladly delivered.Oh, and if I like an idea of yours too much, I just might present it as my own!”

Not just another ticket

“A lot companies tend to outsource customer support (which is totally OK), but we specifically chose to do all of it ourselves. All members of our team try to be involved in customer support and lend a hand when you need help with the platform. At times your enquiries are even answered by Ovanes or Simona - the people who founded the company!

To us every customer is a VIP and your tickets are not just another issue we have to deal with. When you register for Evalato as your awards and program management platform, our aim is to deliver the perfect end-to-end service.”

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