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Oct 6, 2021

Evalato Update: Improved search, faster management, better program dashboard

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We wanted to shed more light on some of the new features and improvements we made to our award management platform Evalato over the last few weeks. As usual, we’ve paid close attention to your feedback and think you’ll enjoy the much improved search functionality, faster management capabilities, extended Dashboard functionality, smarter personal links for applicants, and better visuals.

Improved search

Our ultra fast search functionality received some useful tweaks under the hood. The main improvement here is that when searching, you now get to see the newest applications appear on top of the results and you can open an application directly from there.

Faster application management

Well, it’s not just faster application management, it’s also easier than ever. We’ve been improving the Applications section over a few updates and now we added all main buttons directly inside the application view - you can now set an open application’s status, put it in one or more rounds, approve and shortlist it with one click directly.

New program status

On top of Test and Live status, we added a new one - Closed. Upon going live, your program will be active for 365 days and then close automatically, unless you close it manually before that. Data for your closed programs is archived and remains available whenever you need it. You can re-activate a program at any time.

Extended Dashboard functionality

The Dashboard is now your program central. You can see information about the program’s status, details about your pricing plan, options to extend or upgrade. You also get a button to duplicate your current program to make an exact copy for its next iteration or create a similar program with the same settings.

Intelligent personal links

The personal registration link, that applicants use to access their registration profile, is now super smart. With one click the applicants always arrive exactly where they should, without having to navigate through other sections on the portal.

Additional changes and improvements

We wanted to make sure your program registrants enjoy their experience to the max, regardless of the device they’re using to access the portal. That’s why the event Home page and the My entries page received some additional love, with numerous improvements, minor fixes, better visuals, and icon size adjustments.

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