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Nov 14, 2023

Introducing Evalato Academy: Teaching awards management excellence

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Organizing a stellar awards program is no small feat and requires a special set of skills. That’s why we at Evalato are lending you a hand with our latest project — Evalato Academy — the ultimate destination for comprehensive awards management education. Just like all things Evalato, the Academy has been developed with our users in mind and how we can help them grow. 

Elevating your awards management skills 

In short, Evalato Academy will help you elevate your awards management skills — regardless of whether you are starting from scratch or happen to be an experienced professional. Check out some of the benefits you will get by joining Evalato Academy: 

  • A variety of topics covered — Evalato Academy covers all aspects and elements of organizing an awards program, neatly sorted into different chapters, with an emphasis on challenges and how to overcome them; 
  • Top-notch awards management skills get a thorough understanding of how to manage an awards program successfully, and after completing the course, you will have gained valuable skills and knowledge that you can apply to your work immediately;
  • A certificate — be it for proving your awards management proficiency to your current employer or beefing up your CV and LinkedIn profile, this type of certificate will always come in handy.  

The course is self-paced, which means that you can complete it at your own speed. You will also have access to the course materials, including videos, additional resources, and quizzes at all times.

Supercharging your programs with excellence  

In addition to learning valuable universal awards management skills, Evalato Academy will also feature handy tutorials on using the Evalato awards management system so that you can make the most out of the software’s features, such as how to set up the application and evaluation processes, how to craft the perfect entry form, etc. 

See you at school! 

Are you ready to start learning? We’d love to have you at Evalato Academy. And if there is a specific topic or awards management software feature you would like to see covered in a lesson or a tutorial, feel free to reach out and let us know.

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