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Jun 24, 2019

It’s here and it’s awesome - the new Evalato update that overhauls voting

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There’s a new Evalato update in town and it brings a ton of awesome voting features that improve the way submissions for your programs are evaluated. Some existing things got improved, many important ones were added, and we’re super happy to share the results with you. Here’s what’s up!

Popularity voting (new)

With this option, each member of the judging panel is allowed to select one or more program submissions as their favourite. Here you can set the way that marks the “pick”, like a thumbs up, smiley, heart, etc. You can also set how many votes are given to each member of the judging panel. All votes count equally, and everyone gets the same number of votes - the winner in a category is the submission that gets the most votes.

Simple review (new)

As the name suggests, the simple voting option can be used for quickly reviewing submissions and choosing to express approval or disapproval toward each. Again, the approval mark can be set accordingly. Unlike Popularity voting, the Simple review voting gives members of the judging panel the option to explicitly “disapprove” a submission.

Points voting (new)

This is essentially a points distribution evaluation system. Each member of the judging panel is asked to distribute a set number of points among the shortlisted submissions. Points can be limited per submission, category, and round, so you’ve got a ton of flexibility, as usual. The submission, or submissions - with this voting option there can be multiple winners, with the most points is the winner.

Score voting

This is the one we already had in, originally called Rated voting, where the assigned judges give each submission in a category a score. The scores are then averaged and the candidate with the highest average score is considered the winner. Here you can create a set of criteria, each with its own weight, to form the total score. You can also choose the scale and various other settings for the voting round.

Voting rounds explained

The voting rounds are a flexible tool that allows you to have different ways of approving and evaluating the submissions you receive for your program. You can create multiple rounds for a single evaluation phase, if you require various voting methods to be used for the different categories - then simply approve and shortlist each submission to the corresponding voting round.

Quick Examples

Create an evaluation process of two stages - Round 1 with the Simple review option as an initial approval stage, and Round 2 as the more detailed evaluation stage that uses the Score voting method. When submissions for your program start coming in, you shortlist them for Round 1 where they can be reviewed and either approved or rejected. Then, depending on the results, you can move the approved ones to the next stage by shortlisting them for Round 2 of the evaluation process.

Another example, you can create multiple Round 1 evaluation rounds for a single evaluation stage. You then shortlist the program submissions to their respective rounds. Let’s say you have a Round 1 Images and a Round 1 Videos. Submissions of images will be shortlisted for Round 1 Images and videos will be shortlisted for Round 1 Videos.

What’s next

This update also lays the foundations for the next major Evalato update that adds the much awaited public voting capabilities. You probably know by now that we don’t like to set deadlines, because we’d rather release a good and stable feature than push towards a release date - but, yeah, it’s coming up soon :)

As usual, enjoy Evalato!

Evalato is always improving and with it so are your awards, contests, scholarship and any other kind of program. We’re always listening to your feedback and ideas, and ready to make them part of the Evalato experience as the future of program management. Until the next update enjoy your work, let us know what you think about the platform, and have a splendid summer!

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