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Dec 2, 2021

Magic login link, email limit, application resubmission and withdrawal update

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It’s the holiday season and we wanted to give you our present early. It’s the latest Evalato update! As always, it includes various tweaks and improvements to the platform, but we’ll focus on the main ones here.

The game-changer: resubmission required

Let’s start with the icing on the cake - now Evalato allows you to handle multi-stage submissions with ease. We’ve added a game-changing option called “require resubmission”. We’re not ones to use game-changing lightly here, this really is a fantastic tool to have for your programs. When you set an application to this status, the person who submitted it would have to make any necessary changes and send it again. It can be tremendously useful in certain scenarios, for example:

  • initial screening of applicants to ensure you get more quality submissions
  • return to the submitter an application which does not have sufficient information provided;
  • request progress reports from program participants
  • a person was shortlisted for the next round of the program and you need them to provide additional information for the next phase;

A new automatic email type can also be added, if you wish people to get a notification when you change an application to “require resubmission” status.

An email can be used once per program

People can’t register more than once for your program using the same email address anymore. When someone tries to do so, the system will let them know that the email is already registered. This addresses the issue where people forget that they’ve already registered for the program and sign-up again, ignoring their old registrations. It also makes it considerably easier for you to manage things, because their applications are always under the same registration.

Login link

People have the option to request their login link directly from the program’s registration form. That’s particularly useful when they can’t find the original confirmation email for some reason. Until now, only programs admin, were able to see the link and send it to them, if necessary.

People can withdraw their applications

You get a new option in the program’s general settings to choose whether people are allowed to cancel their own applications from the applicant portal. With the option turned on, they can log into their personal program profile and withdraw an application by cancelling it. It’s a useful quality of life improvement for them. Again, until now this was only possible from the admin side, so that’s less work for you as well!

So much more incoming in 2022

We’ve got a pretty extensive development roadmap all ready for 2022 and you can expect many new features and improvements in the following months. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out with ideas, suggestions, and feedback - we appreciate it all!

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