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Jan 3, 2019

Off to a strong start for Evalato, plenty more to come

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We agree making an year-in-review post about a platform that’s less than 3 months old, is a bit funny. But Evalato is new and isn’t at the same time - it’s a much improved next-gen online submissions management platform, previously part of our chart-topping event management suite Weemss. In other words it started with a fantastic set of features perfect for awards, contests, and any programs that have submission or evaluation processes. For Evalato’s launch as a separate service we pretty much rebuilt the platform from scratch, made substantial improvements to many of the existing features and added some very useful new ones. Here are the main highlights:

Multiple judging rounds added

A feature that was always on the development map for us and something many of you asked about. With Evalato you can add as many judging rounds as you need, each with its own customized set of criteria - an essential tool for any program with multiple evaluation rounds.

Custom scorecards with different criteria, weights and scales

We introduced scorecards for every evaluation round you create. This gives you a robust tool to completely customize the program’s evaluation process. You can set a number of criteria for every scorecard, each with different scale and weight to form the total submission score for the round.

Improved submission approval, rejection and shortlisting

We overhauled the process for approving and rejecting submissions. In addition, we added shortlisting. So it’s now faster and easier than ever to select multiple submissions, OK them for the program, and shortlist them for one or more evaluation rounds.

Improved UX applicant and judging portals

We also enhanced and redesigned both the applicant portal, where people create, edit, preview and send their submissions, and the judging portal, used by members of the judging panel to evaluate approved submissions for the program.

What’s next (spoiler alert!)

Without giving too much away, coming up next is an absolutely massive update to the Automatic emails. We’re giving you additional functionality, more automatic emails, improved messaging, and better email tracking.

Plenty more to come

We’re super ambitious about Evalato in 2019. The best news is that our experienced team has some pretty great ideas how we’re going to improve the platform even further. And that’s on top of the more obvious ones, like adding public voting for example. So stick around and enjoy the submission and evaluation platform of the future, your programs are in good hands!

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Happy new year :)

Hope you had a most successful 2018. May 2019 be even more so, especially with Evalato as your trusted ally, but above all - we wish you love, happiness, and good health!

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