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Feb 14, 2022

Organize your program applications better with tags and massive emailing improvements

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We’ve got another huge quality of life improvement for you with the latest Evalato - the next-gen award management software update. Now you can organize your program applications better with tags. This release also brings one of the most requested improvements to the emailing options at your disposal.


Tags help you categorize and label program submissions for an even better application management experience. It’s never been easier sorting and finding your entries. Up until now, in the applications section you had the option to set the status and evaluation rounds for program submissions. Now, applying one or more tags gives you many new options to label, sort, and manage. For example, you can:

  • label applications that make it to the next round with a “Shortlist” tag
  • tag applications for consideration before approving/rejecting them
  • label “Gold”, “Silver”, “Bronze” winners with the corresponding tags
  • create a label called “Winner” to tag the winners from each category

You can also choose to make some tags visible to everyone - applicants, judges, during public voting, and the public (if the applications are made public on the web page). Evalato makes it easy to add multiple tags to multiple applications at once. And you can create as many relevant tags as you need.

Better applications filtering

Along the new tags feature, we also reworked the filtering functionality so multiple categories, rounds, and tags can be selected. Simple choose the filters at the top to find exactly what you need faster than ever.

This update essentially helps you and other members of your team work with the applications for your program better and faster.

Massive emailing improvements

The main improvement here is the ability to email specific segments of applicants, based on tags. Let’s say you wish to email everyone whose application you tagged as “Winner”. Once you add this action-based email to your automated communication, the system will send the message every time you label an application with this particular tag.

On top of this, we also added the ability to select a specific evaluation round for the “Application shortlisted” automatic emails.

Another useful improvement we made here is the delayed emailing for action-based messages. What this means is that now the system does not send such emails immediately after you perform an action that triggers them, but instead waits a set time of 45 seconds. So for example, if you reject an application by mistake and then change its status to approved within the 45 second timeframe, the person will only receive the “Application approved” email, instead of the rejected email followed by the approved one in quick succession.

Additional changes and improvements

  • Added a new filter in the applications section to sort applications based on their tags.
  • Removed “Shortlist button” in the Applications section for the sake of simplicity.
  • Removed the ”Pending submission email” as “Custom” emails already provide this functionality.
  • Added the ability to select a specific evaluation round for the “Application shortlisted” automatic emails.
  • Further improvements to the personal applicant portal profile smart-links.
  • A few minor tweaks and fixes.

We’re already working on the next major update. You can expect some great new features and further improvements to the system, based on your feedback. As always, we’ll continue paying close attention to your ideas and suggestions for the platform, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

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