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Apr 22, 2019

PDF entry export - another great addition to Evalato’s robust toolset

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We always pay attention to feedback and our latest update brings an awesome feature that many of you asked for - the ability to export an entire submission as a separate file. Now you can export a program entry as a PDF file for external use.

The main benefits of exporting to PDF

  • The entry format is maintained, as created by the applicant and according to the submission form, including images, hyperlinks, etc.
  • PDF is widely adopted all around the world and works across all major operating systems, on all personal and mobile devices, making it ideal for viewing, sharing, and printing out an entry outside of Evalato.
  • They can be password-protected, giving you the ability to secure an exported entry from unauthorized access.
  • The PDF format compresses high-quality files to a smaller size, so an exported entry doesn’t take too much space on a limited storage and is easier to send as an email attachment for example.

Updates ”R” us

You asked and we heard you - with the click of a button you have the whole entry in a visually pleasing layout, exactly as formatted according to the submission form. This makes it easier to view the entry outside of Evalato, back it up, share it, etc. One other small change with this update, again based on your feedback, files uploaded in a submission keep their original names. We have more great features in development, some of them are coming up as soon as the next major Evalato update, so stay tuned! ;)

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