Sometimes we like to release a new major update that isn’t about one main feature, but instead focuses on many smaller quality of life improvements. That’s exactly the case with this July release – it brings a host of small tweaks, fixes, and makes things easier for you and the program applicants.

Pre-fill from registration

The key improvement of this update is in Settings > Forms – the option to have data entered during registration be filled automatically into the corresponding fields on the application form (Name, Company, Job title, Email, Phone number, Country, Address). This would make filling out applications, especially multiple forms, considerably faster and easier for program participants.

Application name field

Another improvement for the application forms, now some of the fields (Name, Company, and Text field) can be used as the identifying name for the entire application. Once set, the application will appear under this name in the applicant and judging portal, as well as the application list if you set it up for public viewing.

Re-submitting options

The applicant portal and your control over the re-submission process received some love as well. Now you can choose the following options from Settings > Program > Re-submission & status visibility:

  • allow re-submission of submitted applications
  • allow re-submission of approved applications
  • allow re-submission of rejected applications
  • [NEW] require admin approval at re-submission show approved status on the applicant portal
  • show rejected status on the applicant portal

The “require admin approval at re-submission” is a new option that allows you to select whether an application needs to be approved again after the applicant has made changes to it and submitted it again.

Enjoy 🙂

Launch your program in minutes

No credit card required. Unlimited free testing.

Launch your program in minutes

No credit card required. Unlimited free testing.