How Baltic Event Awards established themselves as a factor in their region with minimum manpower and efforts thanks to Evalato

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Find out how Baltic Event Awards got off to a flying start thanks to Evalato

Baltic Event Awards is the only event awards in the Baltic Sea region – a vast region that includes Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Finland and Sweden. It is an innovation-driven awards for event professionals, meeting planners, promoters, and live communication professionals from the Baltic Sea Region. Its goal is to develop and promote the live communications industry of the region.

What were their major pain points?

First-edition awards 

As first-edition awards, the Baltic Event Awards were a true challenge. The organizers had to build a positive brand image in a short period of time and that let no room for old-school practices.

Lack of enough manpower

Being a very small team, yet of a free-of-charge awards competition also meant a great number of entries for the team to manage, making the job even harder.

Turn a complex system of assessment into a simple voting process

The Baltic region is a vast region that includes big countries and major players in the event industry. The events organized in the region have their specifics and are very different from events from other regions which had to be taken into consideration when planning the evaluation process. So the organizers had to create a fairly complex system of assessment, but leave the voting method simple.

What they did?

  • Built a professional and positive brand image
  • Handled a vast number of entries by a very small team
  • Attracted and built a long-lasting relationships with top-notch jury members

How they did it?

Using Evalato to provide simple and easy voting process

Attracting top-drawer jury members is one of the first important steps when organizing awards competitions, especially first-edition ones – not only for positioning your awards as an important player in the industry but also for attracting high-quality entries. To do so and more importantly to build a long-lasting relationship with those professionals, one needs to provide an impeccable and convenient judging experience.

As being a judge in international awards herself, the founder and CEO of Baltic Event Awards – Maria Kirillova, was well aware of all that. That’s why when she first encountered Evalato as a judge at Eventex Awards, she knew that it will be a crowd-pleaser for the top-notch jury members she wanted to attract to her awards.

“I was instantly impressed by how much effort and time the system saves the judges. That’s crucial when you want to attract top-notch judges for your awards. Then when I signed up to test the platform in my role as an awards organizer, I had no doubt that this is the best solution for the Baltic Event Awards.“

Maria Kirilova, Founder and CEO of Baltic Event Awards

Making the voting process of a complex competition simple and easy is a hard task especially when it’s a first for you. Evalato made that part stumble-free for the Baltic Event Awards team.

“With Evalato it was easy to create and implement the evaluation process we needed!”

Mary Kirilova, Founder and CEO of Baltic Event Awards

Quick and stumble-free start with Evalato

Evalato was so intuitive and easy for the team to use from the very start that it took them less than an hour and the awards were already all set up and live on their website.

“Setting up our awards with Evalato was quite simple and took us less than an hour. Integrating the system into our website was a piece of cake too. We could manage and monitor the voting process in real time which obviated a lot of inconveniences from us.”

Maria Kirilova, Founder and CEO of Baltic Event Awards

Using Evalato to provide convenient experience for the applicants

Being extremely intuitive and convenient for the applicants, Evalato helped the Baltic Event Awards gather a great number of entries. That was a truly impressive start for the first-edition awards.

“Applicants were able to submit several entries at the same time because the entry submitting process was simple and did not take much time. Everything was very clear and easy.”

Maria Kirilova, Founder and CEO of Baltic Event Awards

Handled a large flow of entries quickly and easily thanks to Evalato

Handling such a big overload of entries was a true challenge for the very small team of Baltic Event Awards. It would have taken them twice the team they had to manage the entries, if they didn’t have Evalato. Luckily, they did!

The results

The debut of the Baltic Event Awards turned to a great success! The Baltic Event Awards’ team was impressed by the results they achieved thanks to Evalato. They established the Baltic Event Awards as a factor in the region and managed to build long-lasting relationships with both applicants and jury due to the time-saving and user-friendly platform they provided. Over 70% of their applicants and jury members rated the system with 4.7 out of 5 points when asked for a feedback.

“I can tell you just one thing – next year we will stay with the same software. I have never met a more comfortable and easy system for the voting process.”

Maria Kirilova, Founder and CEO of Baltic Event Awards

Bonus tips for other first-time award organizers

“We live in a world where quality content is particularly valued. However, any content is lost without a convenient form. Evalato adapts to any of your requirements, remaining professional and giving opportunities for anything, even the most courageous experiments, such as the largest awards of the region, for example.”

Maria Kirilova, Founder and CEO of Baltic Event Awards

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