How Career Show achieved 100% increase in submitted applications thanks to Evalato

With Victoria Dobrinova, PR and Event Manager of Career Show

How Career Show achieved 100% increase in submitted applications thanks to Evalato

With Victoria Dobrinova, PR and Event Manager of Career Show


increase in submitted applications


new international program on the way due to saved man-hours


applications handled in just 2 weeks

Type of program

Applicants Selection & Admission; Awards Competition

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Career Show is a leading career fair that connects 200+ top employers with 3000+ qualified job candidates. The event’s program takes place on 4 stages simultaneously and offers 40+ additional activities to the attendees. It also involves Best Employer Awards that recognize the top employers in the country.

The goal of the career fair is to connect qualified job seekers with top employers and to show the latest trends in the field of career development.

The event turned out to be a mega success right from its first edition. It took career events in Bulgaria to a whole new level by attracting the interest of the top talents and employers in the country, as well as that of  leading media and government institutions.

Major pain points

The Career Show fair is a closed event that requires a prior selection process of a large number of applicants. That’s why the team needed a robust and intuitive solution to collect and review applications quickly and effortlessly. They also needed a solution to manage their Best Employer Awards.

Their particular pain points were

  • Handling an immense volume of submissions – 100% higher than expected
  • The need for a quick and easy way for qualified job seekers to apply
  • To ease the communication between the team and the applicants
  • Attracting the top employers to join the awards competition

“As experienced event organizers, we knew from the very start that we couldn’t do without a solution to help us manage the registration and selection of applicants for the fair. In our case, we got double the amount of applications we expected which was quite a challenge! We needed a quick and easy application process for our applicants and to simplify the communication with them. We also wanted to impress the entrants for the Best Employer Awards with an intuitive and convenient awards platform.”

Victoria Dobrinova, PR and Event Manager of Career Show.

What they did

The Career Show team knew Evalato is the solution that ticks all the boxes from “first testing”.

“As a completely remote team located in different cities, it was essential for us to have a cloud-based solution to manage the application processes for the career fair and the employer awards. Moreover, when you have over 4000 submissions, the platform needs to be extremely user-friendly and efficient. Once we tested Evalato, it made us rethink the way we worked – we discovered a smart way to deal with some tedious and time-consuming tasks.”

Victoria Dobrinova, PR and Event Manager of Career Show

The Career Show team had to preselect all job seekers for the career fair personally since they needed to admit only qualified job candidates to the event. The number of applications they received was 100% higher than expected and they had to handle over 4000 applications. On top of that, half of these applications came in only 2 weeks before the event. That meant reviewing approximately 25 applications per hour. Without a convenient and quick system, that would have been impossible to manage. Luckily, they had Evalato!

“The fact that every applicant had their own online profile to fill in and edit their applications, made the whole process so much easier!”

Victoria Dobrinova, PR and Event Manager of Career Show

Career Show used Evalato also for their Best Employer Awards. Operating with a time-saving and easy-to-use awards software was crucial for attracting the top companies as entrants in the competition.

“The versatility of Evalato is one of its biggest advantages. In our case, we used it for 2 programs: selection of candidates for the job fair and our awards program. Using one platform for both programs was a great convenience for our team!”

Victoria Dobrinova, PR and Event Manager of Career Show

One of the things the Career Show team really love about Evalato is how it makes the usually endless and complicated communication with applicants – simple and effortless. Thanks to Evalato, they automated a great deal of the time-consuming but quite necessary communication: confirmation emails for successful registration, for approved or rejected applications, important deadline reminders, etc.

The results

Career Show not only achieved its goals but way surpassed the initial key performance indicators.

Imminent results

  • 100% increase in submitted applications – 4000+ applications in total
  • 2000+ applications managed in just 2 weeks
  • 2x the amount of received entries for the Best Employer Awards – 130+ of the top employers in the county

What’s even more impressive, however, is the impact this success had on their future plans.

Long-term outcomes

  • Launching 1 new international career event under the same brand
  • Expanding the scope and scale of the awards: from national Best Employer Awards to global HR awards

“Career Show 2019 attracted over 4 000 candidates which was considerably more than initially expected. It was a ton of work and frankly would have been quite overwhelming if we didn’t have Evalato on our side! The immense success we achieved, gave us the courage to go for an even more ambitious career event next year – this time international and taking place abroad – Career Show Tech. Thanks Evalato for making it all possible!”

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