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“Smile of the Year” is the most prestigious national dental competition in the country. Organized by Dental Tribune since 2007, the contest has 12 editions to date. The main goal is to award the professional achievements of Bulgarian dental specialists.

What were their major pain points?

Before Evalato, organizing “Smile of the Year” was rather challenging. The organizers wasted tons of time doing everything manually: collecting the entries by email, sorting them out, confirming to each applicant that their submission is received, and exchanging twice as many emails when people wanted to make changes to an application.

Their other major pain point was the evaluation process. Sending each jury member the entries to evaluate again by email, then receiving their feedback and calculating all the results manually. It was a tedious process prone to blunders and flaws along the way.

Before Evalato it was chaos that took us tons of effort and time to put things in some order.

Ulyana Vincheva, CEO, Dental Tribune Bulgaria

After 10 editions of “Smile of the Year” the organizers already knew perfectly well what they needed to streamline their work and get rid of the tedious tasks. So for their 11th edition, they started looking for the best solution that had all the features they wanted.

We wanted to streamline the whole process, automate the tedious tasks and provide complete transparency of the competition. When we came across Evalato, we knew it was all we were looking for! What we particularly loved at first sight was that it supports our language and currency (Bulgarian) which is a feature most similar solutions do not have.

Ulyana Vincheva, CEO, Dental Tribune Bulgaria

What they did

  • Streamlined the whole process of running awards competition
  • Got rid of tedious tasks and saved tons of time
  • Boosted the number of entries
  • Ensured complete transparency of their awards
  • Made applicants and jury happier
  • Improved their brand image

How they did it

Effortless and swift transition

Switching to Evalato was a no-brainer for the team of “Smile of the year”. They set up their awards in no time, without any prior demos or trainings.

Evalato is extremely intuitive and user-friendly. You just sign up and start working on your competition right away. We needed no training at all!

Ulyana Vincheva, CEO, Dental Tribune Bulgaria

Saving applicants and jury time through Evalato’s convenient and quick tools

One of the most important benefits of using Evalato for the Dental Tribune team was that it streamlined their applicants’ and jury members’ tasks too.

Now our applicants receive their own working space to edit their entries with more photos and information and do not contact us for any change they want to make in their entries – a big relief for everyone. Our international jury couldn’t be happier from the change – we received a lot of “thank you”-s from them!

Ulyana Vincheva, CEO, Dental Tribune Bulgaria

Using Evalato’s marketing tools to boost results

The team consistently used the marketing and analytics tools that the platform provides which helped them grow the number of entries.

Thanks to the detailed statistics, we could monitor and analyze our marketing tactics and see what works and what doesn’t. That helped us a lot to boost our results!

Ulyana Vincheva, CEO, Dental Tribune Bulgaria

Streamline and automate the evaluation process

Making the evaluation process a breeze was another major game-changer for Dental Tribune team. With just a few clicks they set the voting method, invited judges and assigned them entries – what once took them tons of time, emails and phone calls. What they also appreciated a lot about Evalato was that it let them monitor the judging progress and evaluation results in real time and calculated the final voting results for them.

Using Evalato’s entries webpage to achieve complete transparency

The organizers were also able to achieve complete transparency of their awards through Evalato’s ready-to-use entries webpage where all results from the judging phase were published right after the awards ceremony through the click of a button. That was an important step for strengthening their positive brand image.

Evalato totally revolutionized the way we organize our awards! Making the whole process so much easier and quicker for all parties involved: us, applicants and jury is what we value the most!

Ulyana Vincheva, CEO, Dental Tribune Bulgaria

The results

Thanks to Evalato the Dental Tribune team quadrupled their efficiency and productivity. They also registered a remarkable rise in the number of entries. Using Evalato for running their awards helped them build a brand image of a modern and transparent award competition.

Evalato also helped us a lot in terms of improving our brand image. Now we not only reward the most innovative dental practices in our country but do it in the most modern and simple way possible – it truly corresponds to our awards and brand. What’s most important however is that our customers were 100% happier!

Ulyana Vincheva, CEO, Dental Tribune Bulgaria

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