Find out how Evalato helped Eventex Awards 2019 become the biggest global event awards for the season

With Grigor K., Project Manager at Eventex Awards

Find out how Evalato helped Eventex Awards 2019 become the biggest global event awards for the season

With Grigor K., Project Manager at Eventex Awards


hours saved from time-consuming tasks thanks to Evalato alone


retention of judges and an 83% increase in the number of new judges


overall satisfaction rate from applicants


increase in the number of entries; 142% increase of revenue from submissions

Type of program

Awards Competition


Event industry



Eventex Awards is the ultimate benchmark in the event industry. It represents outstanding achievements, top quality services, or fascinating creativity in producing cutting-edge event experiences. Since 2019, 800+ companies/organizations from 85+ countries and 1600+ entries took part in the awards.

Eventex Awards is more than a competition recognizing excellence. Today it’s a fountain of ideas for the industry and a one-of-a-kind showcase of the best practices, the most original ideas, and the top innovations. Their mission is to inspire and help the event industry flourish. With that in mind they also:

The 9th edition of the awards turned out to be not only the most successful one to date but also the biggest global event awards for the whole season.

What were their major pain points?

The 9th edition was a turning point in the history of the competition as it expanded immensely in scope and reach.

Their main challenges for the 9th Eventex edition were:

  • Increase the number of registrants, entries and overall revenue
  • Manage a large number of categories (180% increase compared to last edition)
  • Handle an increased number of registrations and submissions
  • Implement new evaluation process for the new categories
  • Organize a call-for-speakers program for the new online series Eventex Creative Week

What they did

Organized the new categories into main groups

Handling 2-3 categories is easy for everyone. Managing over 80 categories divided into different groups as Eventex did can be challenging. More importantly, with that many categories, it’s crucial that the registration form looks neat and sleek so that the potential applicants find their most relevant ones in no time.

With Evalato the Eventex team set up their groups and categories with a few clicks and ordered them accordingly.

“The ease-of-use Evalato provides is unparalleled. What’s more, at the front-end everything looks beautiful and organized!”

Grigor Karaivanov, Project Manager at Eventex Awards

Used Evalato’s marketing tools to boost results

Evalato played a major role in achieving the main Eventex 2019 objective – substantial increase in the number of registrants and entries.

First, by ensuring quick and simple registration and submission processes for entrants. And second, by providing great marketing tools: crossed-out price, promo codes and special offers features that worked perfectly for Eventex that have dynamic pricing model with lots of promotions and discounts. Evalato’s detailed analytics helped Eventex team analyze their special offers and promos and act accordingly to achieve even better results with each next campaign.

“Evalato was one of the main tools that contributed to the great increase in number of registrants, entries and revenue. The marketing tools it offers match perfectly our marketing strategy and helped us tons to achieve the impressive results from last edition. Everything was easy to set up, looked sleek on the registration form and what’s most important – works! The fact that Evalato made everything so quick and easy for our applicants is also a major reason for our success this year!”


Handled nearly double the amount of registrations and entries without a hitch

Eventex Awards 2019 exceeded all expectations in number of entries and registrants. Evalato ensured their quick and effortless management through its user-friendly interface and time-saving features like:

  • Colour-coded dashboards;
  • Options for filtering and sorting of entries;
  • Bulk management;
  • Automatic emails: for successful registration, payment, approaching entry deadline and option for custom emails;
  • and lots of other useful features

“Evalato is undoubtedly the biggest time-saver for any awards manager! We couldn’t have handled such an amount of entries it if wasn’t for it!”


Ensures a smooth evaluation process to suit their new main category groups

Eventex 2019 had two different evaluation methods for the two main category groups: events and suppliers. Each had 3 evaluation criteria with different weighting scores to form the overall score. All that was easily set up in Evalato thanks to the ability to add multiple judging rounds and scorecards.

“The evaluation process is the most important part in any awards competition. It should be impeccable to earn and retain the participants’ trust and Evalato helped us achieve that!”


Launched successfully their new online series thanks to a separate call-for-speakers program in Evalato

Eventex also used Evalato for a call-for-speakers program for their new online series – Eventex Creative Week, so the platform served them two purposes at a time.

“Eventex Creative Week was a spontaneous idea that the whole team instantly fell in love with and decided to implement even though we had little time to organize a call-for-speakers program. Evalato, however, made the selection process so easy for us, that we managed to find the best speakers for our inspiring series.”


Pleased applicants and judges

Apart from the numbers that speak for themselves, the organizers report to have received lots of positive feedback from both applicants and judges that used Evalato for the first time. The main reason for that is that Evalato provides them with extremely intuitive and sleek cloud-based online portals.

“One of the most important factors for us when it comes to awards management platform is how convenient it is for our applicants and judges. So the positive feedback we got from them about Evalato was our true assurance that it is one of the most important innovations for Eventex in the last few years. This year, we are running even more programs with Evalato: “The 100 Most Influential People in the Event Industry” where we use Evalato’s new public voting feature, our “We are green” initiative, our Get involved programs and more.”


The results

Eventex Awards 2019 exceeded all expectations and forecasted KPIs and became the biggest global event awards for the season in terms of number of entries and countries that participated. What’s also invaluable was the tons of time, problems and stress the software saved Eventex team.

“We use lots of software products and apps in our work but Evalato is definitely the one we can’t do without!”


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