Fair use policy

Last updated: 10 July 2021

At Evalato our mission is to help you, our clients, grow your programs, exceed expectations, achieve your objectives, and cultivate success. Our pricing plans are designed around that philosophy and we’ve specifically made sure our platform remains affordable.

While some of our pricing plans allow for an unlimited number of applications, we aim to ensure that use of the platform by some clients does not negatively and unfairly impact the rest.

Under this Fair Use policy, we reserve the right to require your organization’s account be upgraded or start on a higher pricing plan if your use is considered excessive (10 times more) compared to the average of active users on the same plan, in the following situations:

  • Number of program applications
  • Total size of data stored
  • Number of organization admins
  • Number of judges
  • Number of scheduled sessions
  • Total time of 1:1 video meetings cannot exceed 10,000 minutes. An additional charge of 0.01 EUR per minute/per participant is incurred if this limit is exceeded.

In such cases where your usage of the platform is deemed excessive, we will inform you that the pricing plan for your organization will need to be upgraded, under this Fair Use policy as part of our Terms of Service.