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Why Evalato’s onboarding package is a smart choice

You’ve found the perfect awards management solution in Evalato, now you wish to maximize your return on investment – that’s where our onboarding package comes in. We’ll provide an onboarding experience that’s perfectly tailored to match your exact needs.

Introduction to the platform by a dedicated Customer Success Manager
Advice on how to utilize Evalato and achieve (read: exceed) your goals
Expert personal support throughout the configuration of your program
Immersive training to turn you into an experienced Evalato user in no time
Pre-launch check so you can trust your program is all set for success
Why Evalato’s onboarding package is a smart choice

Understanding your needs

A dedicated Customer Success Manager will welcome you, then collect the necessary information, and assess how best to utilize Evalato for your program.

Personalised introduction to Evalato

Next you’ll enjoy a personalized video session so you can understand the ins-and-outs of Evalato and make the best of the leading awards management platform with every single program you launch with us.

Attentive training and setup

Time to help you get things off the ground and sky-rocket your program en route to success. We will train and assist you with the setup, so you can surprise everyone and their dog with how awe-inspiring your program is.

With you, every step of the way

Obviously, we’ll have your back every step of the way. Our team of experts will guide you with their extensive knowledge of the system, the industry, the current trends, or which Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavour is best.

Pre-launch check

Before you know it, your program will be ready for launch! Since we’re treating this as NASA’s next rocket launch, we’ll do all the necessary checks and double-checks (front-end and back-end), while you sit back and anticipate the success of your next project.


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