Recent Evalato updates

We’re constantly improving the platform with changes and new features based on your suggestions, latest trends, and industry needs.


  • Evaluation: Public voting
  • Evaluation: Popularity voting / Top pick
  • Evaluation: Qualifying round

29 January 2019

The 1st major update after the re-branding.

  • New feature: Many more automatic emails added (full list below)
  • New feature: Clone submission forms
  • Improvement: You can now hide submission categories
  • Improvement: Judging rounds and all automatic emails are now added to every cloned program
  • Improvement: Submission numbers show above table in the “Submissions” tab
  • Improvement: Detailed evaluation results added to each submission when opened in the administrative panel
  • Improvement: Detailed evaluation results added to the submissions and individual votes exports
  • Improvement: Added missing abstain notifications in the “Manage votes” tab
  • Improvement: You can now reject draft entries
  • Improvement: Full image sizes added in export
  • Improvement: Removed the Program type setting
  • Improvement: New video tutorials added

The new automatic emails include:

  • Submission sent
  • Submission approved
  • Submission rejected
  • Submission shortlisted
  • Pending submission reminder
  • Pending judging reminder
  • Custom email for judges

15 October 2018

Re-branding and major update

  • New feature: Multiple judging rounds
  • New feature: Custom scorecards with different criteria, weights and scales
  • Improved submission approval, rejection and shortlisting
  • Improved analytics with more submission data
  • Improved UX and redesigned applicant portal
  • Improved UX and redesigned judging portal
  • Improved and redesigned program dashboard
  • New video tutorials
  • Removed comment activity stream from organization and dashboard
  • Removed quick links

Past updates

All past updates while Evalato was part of the Weemss suite can be found here.