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10 Aug 2021

Major platform update: New virtual event features for your programs

Create a custom event schedule with engaging webinars, live-streams, videos via Zoom, Youtube, Vimeo or any other 3rd party app. Participants will appreciate the option to build and oversee their own agenda Advanced matchmaking and 1:1 meetings for networking, community building, matchmaking as part of your programs.

Improvement: New applicant portal navigation and improved visibility across the board, home section added where you can create a page for applicants and upload a cover image for improved branding.

Improvement: Drag & drop elements now have a different icon to be more visible and intuitive to use.

Improvement: Reworked how the names of exported files are generated to fix some issues with certain operating systems and/or file archivers.

Improvement: Some minor bugs got squashed thanks to your reports!

12 May 2021

Major platform update: Revamped the applicant portal

Complete overhaul of the applicant portal with improved visibility and more responsive interface. It’s modern, fast, and sleek.

Improvement: Additional UI improvements and menu structure changes to the Program menu to make things more intuitive and easy.

Improvement: New options in Settings > General > Application process – auto-approval of submitted applications, application resubmission settings, and application status updates.

Improvement: Improvements and new settings for the Question field – sorting answer options in alphabetical order, option to use an existing Question field on a different application form (the Country field also has this option), and a multiple select option with auto-complete.

05 April 2021

Major platform update: Evalato now with a platform for virtual events and community management

Now you can create and manage your virtual events and communities with Evalato. Streamline your work and provide a next-gen experience for your event participants and community members.

Improvement: Numerous UI improvements and menu structure changes to make things more intuitive and easy.

04 Nov 2020

New feature: Send emails based on application status and/or category

Now you can send emails to specific categories and statuses (Draft / Submitted / Approved / Rejected) when creating your Custom emails (for Applicants) in Settings > Emails.


09 July 2020

New feature: Pre-fill fields from registration data

Now you can choose to fill out application form fields with data from the corresponding fields on the registration form (Name, Company, Job title, Email, Phone number, Country, Address).

Improvement: Applicant portal and re-submitting options added in Settings > Program > Re-submission & status visibility

Improvement: Application form field Name, Company, or Text field can be set to be used as the identifying name for the entire application and appear under this name in the applicant portal, judging portal, as well as the application list if you set it up for public viewing.


20 May 2020

New feature: Payment requirement options
Now you can choose when to require program entry payment from Settings > Program > Require payment. You can choose either “At registration”, “At submission”, or at any time “After submission”.

Improvement: Added a Pay now button on the applicant portal in the Registration info section, so people can easily pay directly from their profiles.


06 April 2020

New feature: Option to set default crossed-out price
Added ability to set a default crossed-out price in Settings > Categories > Default price for all program categories.


30 March 2020

New feature: Multi-level grouping of categories
Added ability to create groups and subgroups to put program categories in. Great for programs that cover different regions, chapters, departments, etc.


10 March 2020

New feature: Application portal options
Now you can adjust and set up various elements for your application portal from Settings > Program > Applicant portal.
New feature: Limit the number of applications per registration and/or per category
Ability to limit the number of applications per registration across all program categories and/or per category.
Improvement: Enhanced program menu structure to make the user experience more intuitive. Improved program creation process, which is now simpler and faster.
Change: Moved all registration form settings to Settings > Program > Registration form.
Change: Application forms settings renamed to Forms (Settings > Forms).
Change: Moved all payments & billing options to Settings > Program > Payments & billing.
Change: Automatic emails settings section renamed to Emails (Settings > Emails).
Change: Moved all wording settings to Settings > Program.
Change: Moved the Judging portal and the Public voting portal settings from Evaluation to to Settings > Program.
Change: Moved the Conversion triggers settings to Settings > Program.
Change: Marketing section renamed to Discounts.
Change: Tracking section moved to Settings > Program > Tracking.


18 February 2020

New feature: Bulk export options added


28 November 2019

New feature: Copy data from one application into another
The word “application” replaces “submission” within the app, due to popular demand. For example, the Submissions section is now called Applications.
New button: Move to in the Applications (was Submissions) section, which allows you to both Approve and Shortlist applications at the same time.
New button: Status (again in Applications), allows you to Approve or Reject all selected applications, as well as change their status to submitted or draft.
New button: Rounds (replaces the Shortlist button in Applications), allows you to easily add and remove evaluation rounds for the selected applications.
Improvement: You can now track submitted applications with Facebook Pixel. The new Standard Event is: SubmitApplication, on top of the other 3 – AddToCart, InitiateCheckout and Purchase. Additionally, entering your Pixel Tracking ID (in Analytics & export > Tracking) now also allows you to track page views for your applications webpage.
Change: Submission categories is now Categories (Settings > Categories).
Change: Moved the Currency button to Settings > Payments & billing (was in Settings > Submission categories), as it made more sense to have it there.
Improvement: Added 3D secure payments during checkout.

09 August 2019

New feature: Public voting
With Evalato you now have the perfect platform where people can have their say. Create a public voting round from Evaluation > Rounds by choosing “Public” in the Evaluators setting and anyone can simply log in using their Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn profile to quickly cast their vote without going through any extra hassles. ​
Improvement: Added a 3rd option for data field visibility when creating your submission forms in Settings > Submissions forms, allowing you to choose between Everyone, Admins, or Admins and Judges.
Change: Voting rounds is now called Rounds
Change: Judging portal is renamed to Portals (to accommodate the newly added public voting portal and its settings)
Change: Manage votes becomes just Votes (for simplicity sake)
Change: Moved the Results section to Evaluation (was previously in Analytics & export)

09 July 2019

New feature: Change registration form and submission portal wording
Now you can change the wording of your registration form and submission portal from Website > Wording.
Improvement: In the “Registration info” section in the submission portal, we have removed the pricing details for free registrations.
Improvement: Pending submission and pending judging reminder emails are now set to be sent on specific dates/times, instead of days prior to deadline.
Change: The sender email address can’t be customized anymore due to stricter spam filters.

24 June 2019

This Evalato update brings a ton of awesome voting features that improve the way submissions for your programs are evaluated

New feature: Popularity voting
With this option each member of the judging panel is allowed to select one or more program submissions. Suitable for “Top Picks” kind of evaluation phases where one or more submissions are picked as the best from a list.

New feature: Simple review
The simple voting option allows voters to vote for or against the assigned submissions. Suitable for easily reviewing applications for the next evaluation phase. Unlike Popularity voting, this gives members of the judging panel the option to explicitly “disapprove” a submission.

New feature: Points voting
This is essentially a points distribution evaluation system. Suitable for evaluation phases where each voter is asked to distribute a set number of points among the shortlisted submissions. The points can be limited per submission, category, and round.

Renamed: Rated voting is now called Score voting

10 May 2019

Improvement: Promo codes and Special offers
Now when you apply a special offer or promo code with a maximum number of submissions or maximum value, it still applies the maximum possible discount for larger orders as well.

21 April 2019

We always pay attention to feedback and our latest update brings an awesome feature that many of you asked for – the ability to export an entire submission as a separate file. Now you can export a program entry as a PDF file for external use.

New feature: PDF export for submissions
Submissions can now be exported from the submissions section. There is also a new column with the PDF file in the submissions export as well.

Improvement: File name
Uploaded files to submissions are now downloaded with the original upload name

30 March 2019

This second update for 2019 brings a few small key features to greatly improve the application, administration and evaluation in Evalato.

New feature: Submission form
New submission form field options added

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Address
  • Job title
  • Company
  • Waiver
  • Text field character limit – You can now limit the number of characters allowed for a single-line text field.

New feature: Evaluation instructions and terms in judging portal
Now you can set terms that the judges need to accept before being allowed to vote. You can also add general voting instructions. Manage these settings from Evaluation > Judging portal.

You can also add evaluation round specific instructions. Manage these settings from Evaluation > Judging rounds.

Improvement: Voting flow
Now when judges vote, the submission is closed automatically and a notification is shown. This speeds up the voting process and improves overall usability.

New feature: Submissions last edited
Added a column in the “Submissions” section indicating when was the last edit made to the submission by the applicant.

Improvement: Canceled registration email not mandatory
You can now remove the email for canceled registration if you don’t want to automatically notify your applicants that their registration has been canceled.

29 January 2019

The 1st major update after the re-branding.

  • New feature: Many more automatic emails added (full list below)
  • New feature: Clone submission forms
  • Improvement: You can now hide submission categories
  • Improvement: Judging rounds and all automatic emails are now added to every cloned program
  • Improvement: Submission numbers show above table in the “Submissions” tab
  • Improvement: Detailed evaluation results added to each submission when opened in the administrative panel
  • Improvement: Detailed evaluation results added to the submissions and individual votes exports
  • Improvement: Added missing abstain notifications in the “Manage votes” tab
  • Improvement: You can now reject draft entries
  • Improvement: Full image sizes added in export
  • Improvement: Removed the Program type setting
  • Improvement: New video tutorials added

The new automatic emails include:

  • Submission sent
  • Submission approved
  • Submission rejected
  • Submission shortlisted
  • Pending submission reminder
  • Pending judging reminder
  • Custom email for judges

15 October 2018

Re-branding and major update

  • New feature: Multiple judging rounds
  • New feature: Custom scorecards with different criteria, weights and scales
  • Improved submission approval, rejection and shortlisting
  • Improved analytics with more submission data
  • Improved UX and redesigned applicant portal
  • Improved UX and redesigned judging portal
  • Improved and redesigned program dashboard
  • New video tutorials
  • Removed comment activity stream from organization and dashboard
  • Removed quick links

Past updates

All past updates while Evalato was part of the Weemss suite can be found here.