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The Future of Business Awards

The awards industry market research is conducted by Boost Awards in partnership with Evalato and captures the opinions of 70+ awards organizers managing over 400+ awards competitions globally. Learn how awards organizers responded to the challenges of the past two years, what the current trends are and where the awards industry is heading.

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The awards industry market research

Some Highlights

Over 75% of award organizers run more than a single program each year.
On the whole 2021 saw and 2022 is seeing a continued rise in applications vs. pre-pandemic levels – 10-30% higher in most cases.
12% of awards organizers canceled their awards in the pandemic but most found a way to continue.
Over 65% of awards organizers said everything is OK now with their business but 11% still face an uncertain future.
Less than 60% of awards organizers use awards management software and of those only 52% are loyal to it.
There is a substantial shift back to physical ceremonies with about ¾ of those who had them before reverting to this, but there is a marked rise in hybrid events to fill the gap.
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The future of business awards
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