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Jun 13, 2023

10+ AI tools to make your awards program smarter

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We at Evalato love technology, working smart, and tools that save you time — hardly surprising, given that those same principles are behind the Evalato awards management platform, which streamlines all your processes. That’s why, with AI tools being all the rage right now, we decided to take a look at what’s out there, which solutions could prove handy in managing your awards program, and how they can complement what Evalato does for you. 


That’s the one that started it all (or rather, the one that brought AI to mainstream attention), so we are starting our list with it too. ChatGPT, the tool at the forefront of the AI revolution, hardly needs an introduction. Developed by OpenAI, it is a natural language processing tool that can answer questions and assist you with a variety of tasks. 

A bit of a Jack of all trades, ChatGPT has different applications which can be of use to awards managers, such as: 

  • Content creation — you can use ChatGPT for any type of content associated with your awards program;
  • Generate quiz and test questions — if you’re organizing a competition or a contest that requires a questionnaire, ChatGPT can aid you with the questions. 

Evalato pro tip: While one of the most popular ChatGPT uses is writing code, Evalato’s embeddable registration form saves you the trouble — you can integrate it on your website with a simple copy-paste to boost conversions. 


Specializing in copywriting from before AI was cool, Jasper is a more content-focused tool, even though you can also use it for visuals such as thumbnails and illustrations. A major benefit of Jasper is that it can be trained to adopt the tone of voice of your brand. Some of the things you can use it for include: 

  • Marketing materials — Jasper’s tone of voice functionality makes it a great option for writing on-brand, SEO-optimized marketing materials and blog posts for your awards program or competition; 
  • Translation — you can use Jasper to write creative copies in 30+ languages, which is a pretty neat functionality if you’re organizing a program to target a market where English is not an official language. 

Evalato pro tip: Evalato’s settings enable you to select one of 40+ languages to translate your program into the language of your audience. You can localize your awards program further by choosing any of the 160+ supported currencies, regardless of where you are on the world map.


Seen any of those fascinating images flooding social media that will look right at home in a high fantasy realm? There’s a good chance that Midjourney is behind them. This AI tool takes text prompts and transforms them into images, photos, drawings, paintings, etc. As such, Midjourney can lend you a hand with: 

  • Visuals for your marketing materials — AI-generated images or art can complement the copy on your marketing materials and entice more people to read about your awards program; 
  • Images for your website — you can make your dedicated awards program website more attractive with relevant AI-generated images. 

Evalato pro tip: Take advantage of Evalato’s branding options to upload a cool cover (AI-generated or otherwise) on your awards program webpage, also available through Evalato. This will impress your applicants from the get-go and boost conversions, especially if you organize artwork awards or another program with a focus on visuals.    


Continuing with the visuals for your awards program, Looka can help you out with a fitting logo that you can add to your program’s marketing materials. Built by veteran designers for non-designers, this particular AI tool lets you: 

  • Create a logo for your program — Looka takes your design preferences and blends them with AI to create a custom logo in just a few minutes; 
  • Choose a cool name — while logos are Looka’s bread and butter, this tool also features a name generator which could come in handy if you need inspiration for a name for your program. 

Evalato pro tip: Upload your logo to your awards website in Evalato and choose the appropriate accent color that goes well with it for the buttons, headings, and other accents on your registration form. These simple details will make your program look more professional and trustworthy. 


Few things make a bigger impression on today’s consumers than videos, so it’s no wonder that the AI revolution is spreading to that medium as well. Fliki is a tool that can turn text into a video with AI voices, supporting as many as 75+ languages and 100+ dialects. Here are a couple of things that you can use Fliki for to enhance your online awards program management: 

  • A promotional video — the marketing power of videos has long been recognized so creating one for your awards program and posting it on your social media channels is a no-brainer; 
  • Repurpose content — if you (ok, or ChatGPT) have written several blog posts to promote your awards program, Fliki can turn them into a video, summarizing content, finding visuals, and adding subtitles. 

Evalato pro tip: As we noted above, videos are great for marketing, so why not give your applicants the option to “market” themselves to your evaluators with a video too? Evalato’s video hosting and streaming feature enables applicants to upload videos in a multitude of formats in HD, without worrying about the size limit. All you have to do is include the relevant field in your program’s application form and you’re good to go.  


If you have trouble with creating and understanding legal texts (who doesn’t), Superlegal has you covered. While it may not be immediately obvious why an awards manager would need this too, here are a couple of things that you can use this specific AI tool for: 

  • Terms & Conditions — be it for applicants or judges, T&Cs are always a good way to insulate your awards from legal troubles such as conflict of interest, copyright infringement, etc. Superlegal’s AI contract review can help you create this type of document;    
  • Non-disclosure agreement — Superlegal features a handy NDA template that you can adapt for your awards.  

Evalato pro tip: Upload your NDA in Evalato’s judging portal and ask your program’s judges to agree to the terms before proceeding. The NDA will be shown to the judges the first time they log in and will be available after that for reference as well. You can also check out these T&C tips to get a head start the legal docs for your awards program.    


If a tree falls in the forest and no one posts about it on social media, does it make a sound? Like it or not, you need social media to let the world know about your awards program. Flick can supercharge your social media efforts with: 

  • Post scheduling — you can streamline your post planning with insight into the best times to post, AI-generated captions, custom thumbnails, media editing, etc.; 
  • Tailoring hashtags — Flick can help you find quality Instagram hashtags in a matter of minutes, amplifying your reach. 

Evalato pro tip: If you're using Facebook ads, you can track and improve the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns by connecting your program in Evalato to your Meta Pixel. 


If you want to take your social media video content to the next level, VEED.IO will get the job done splendidly. With Instagram's built-in editor offering limited editing options, a dedicated tool like VEED will beef up your social media content by:

  • Adding transitions, removing video backgrounds, generating AI avatars, and many more — you can easily create videos that feature award ceremony highlights, winners' interviews, or even short tutorials on the entry process;
  • Instagram downloader — this neat feature lets you download reels straight from your browser, which you can then repurpose and share anywhere. 

Evalato pro tip: Set up a public voting round in Evalato and leverage the power of social media to spread the word about it, emphasizing how easy it is to vote, using just a social login.


Despite the advent of social media, good old email marketing remains an excellent way to promote your awards and this is where SmartWriter comes in. This personalized AI outreach software can help you: 

  • Create tailored emails for your prospects — SmartWriter lets you use AI to craft personalized emails to promote your awards program; 
  • Access emails from LinkedIn leads — you can also use this tool to scrape real-time LinkedIn search results.   
Evalato pro tip: Use Evalato’s promo codes and special offers functionalities in your outreach efforts to give your prospects a sense of exclusivity and boost conversions. You can set up a promo code for loyal customers, early-bird offers, 2-for-1 limited-time deals, etc.      


One of the best parts of organizing awards is celebrating the winners and it seems there’s an AI tool for that too. MindOS, which lets event organizers create customized AI beings to serve as chatbots and virtual assistants, can be useful in the run-up to an awards ceremony with: 

  • Timely answers for attendees — the tool can take care of answering common questions from attendees of your awards ceremony, saving you time and minimizing errors;
  • Firming up headcount faster — you can use the MindOS chatbots on your website to remind attendees of registration deadlines, any pending payments, etc.

Evalato pro tip: Regardless of whether you decide to hold a live (or virtual) ceremony to conclude your awards program, Evalato has you covered with a ready-made webpage for recognizing winners and showcasing their achievements. 


AI tools are great aids if you’re organizing an awards program. But what if yours is an academic awards program and you have to make sure that the submissions you receive are genuine rather than AI-generated? This is where we go meta with Copyleaks, the AI tool that detects AI-written text. It enables you to:

  • Detect AI content — check whether any content submitted by your applicants is written with the help of ChatGPT or similar tools;
  • Identify any potential plagiarism — you can also use Copyleaks to make sure that the content your judges are going to review is original and not plagiarized. 

Evalato pro tip: If you don’t want any AI content submitted for evaluation, make sure your applicants know that from the get-go — Evalato’s registration form drag-and-drop builder lets you add a Waiver section where you can include the respective provision. Additionally, you can add this to the instructions you upload to Evalato’s applicant portal.   

Bonus: Evalato 

While not an AI tool, Evalato definitely makes your awards program smarter by streamlining all your processes and saving you time. Some of Evalato’s features that help you do that include: 

  • Templates & one-click clone — based around the most common use cases, Evalato’s preset customizable templates let you get your program up and running in under an hour, while the one-click clone option carries over most of your settings into the next edition; 
  • Email automation — Evalato easily handles most of your communication with applicants and judges, including emails confirming registration, payment, application status, judge invitations, and timely reminders to all parties; 
  • Integrations — use Evalato’s native Hubspot and Intercom integrations or connect to 5000+ apps via Zapier to automate your work even further. 

Evalato pro tip: Test all functionalities for free, or book a demo to see Evalato in action so that you can make an informed decision if it’s the best choice for your awards program.  

To AI or not to AI? 

Whether you decide to jump on the AI bandwagon and get one or more of those tools, or fear a machine uprising, Evalato has you covered with everything you need for a top-notch awards program either way. And while we will keep developing Evalato’s features to help you grow, we promise that our awards management system will never go all Skynet on you.  

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