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Evalato introduces Unlimited file upload, HD video hosting and streaming

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As part of our unwavering commitment to helping our customers grow, we’re happy to introduce unlimited file upload as well as HD video hosting and streaming in Evalato! The new features, available with Evalato’s Premium plan and above, will significantly improve the applicant and judging experience and comes after we recently revamped our evaluation suite for an even smoother online awards program management.  

Unlimited file upload

With Evalato’s latest update, your applicants will be able to upload an unlimited number of files in a range of formats, giving them even more options when crafting their submissions. In addition, for Premium plan users and above, there will be no file size limit either. 

HD video hosting and streaming 

With Evalato’s latest update, Premium and Enterprise users will be able to give their applicants the option to upload videos in any of a range of formats in HD, without worrying about the size limit. The videos will be transcoded and hosted privately and securely. 

The new feature also includes streaming availability, which will be particularly handy for your customers and program judges with: 

  • Option to play the videos directly in their browser;
  • No download required to watch videos;  
  • Security of video content that cannot be hosted on public networks such as YouTube or Vimeo.

The new update makes Evalato an even better choice for customers looking for a contest management tool for any type of awards requiring video as part of the submission but also for specialized video, movie, event, or music awards, among other programs. 

There’s always more 

It goes without saying that we’re working on yet more improvements to make Evalato even better and easier to use — an effort that peer-to-peer review website G2 recognized with its spring badges. And while we plan our new surprises, feel free to tell us what you think about our features and how we can help you grow.

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