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Apr 19, 2024

10+ top productivity tools to use for awards management

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We at Evalato (rightfully) consider ourselves a bit of an expert on awards management productivity, after all, our software is all about high-quality awards, produced efficiently. That’s why we took the task of reviewing and selecting the top solutions that can boost your productivity and streamline your awards management tasks. While you don’t necessarily need to use all of them, one or more are bound to make your life easier. 

1. Evalato — the next-gen awards management software    

The absolute productivity champion when it comes to awards management. It streamlines the whole process from beginning to end, including: 

  • Program launch, made easy and quick by a user-friendly interface, pre-made templates, and a one-click clone option. 
  • Registration, thanks to an embeddable registration form or a dedicated webpage, depending on the specific program requirements, as well as multiple payment options to cater to paid programs. 
  • Submission, backed by customizable application forms and a state-of-the-art applicant portal where entrants can work on, save as draft, and submit their applications.   
  • Evaluation with 6 voting types, next-gen judging and public voting portals, and real-time monitoring of the evaluation process. 
  • Winners announcement, enabled by a dedicated webpage to showcase results and winners.  

The result is enhanced productivity, evidenced by:

  • 40 hours saved per month on average 
  • 58% more entries
  • 3 times faster judging 
  • Resources freed up for 1 extra program per year.  

Evalato pro tip: Use an awards management checklist to identify areas for improvement and boost productivity.  

2. Notion

While Evalato is the ultimate productivity enhancer for awards organizers, using a project management system will give your efforts an extra boost. Notion has emerged as one of the top choices, offering a selection of features to keep your team in line, such as: 

  • A roadmap for a convenient overview of your projects 
  • A launch checklist 
  • A social media calendar 
  • Tasks and subtasks with assignees, dependencies, due dates, etc. 

Evalato pro tip: Invite co-workers to your organization in Evalato to create a team to collaborate on one or more programs. 

3. Google Workspace 

A staple of online productivity, Google Workspace is every distributed team’s best friend, saving everyone from an endless exchange of files. It’s been enhanced with Google’s AI tool Gemini which promises to streamline teamwork even further. Either way, you get:  

  • A cloud-based alternative for documents, sheets, etc. 
  • Apps such as Gmail and Calendar
  • A messaging option  

Evalato pro tip: While using Google Workspace for your team is great, thanks to Evalato, you won’t need to rely on spreadsheets to input applicant submissions — the state-of-the-art Applicant portal of the awards software has you covered.  

4. Airtable  

And while Sheets are one of the perks you get with Google Workspace, what if you needed something a bit more sophisticated? Say hello to Airtable, the tool that will enhance your spreadsheet productivity with: 

  • Connecting data from apps, workflows, and tools 
  • Managing security and data permissions at scale 
  • Custom data visualizations 

Evalato pro tip: Use Airtable to add and sort information about your awards program jury, prior to inviting and managing your jury members in Evalato. 

5. Hubspot 

If you want your awards program to be successful, you should optimize your marketing efforts and HubSpot is one of the most efficient tools to make that happen. 

  • It centralizes your customer-related data 
  • It streamlines your sales and marketing activities 
  • It personalizes customer interactions   

Evalato pro tip: Evalato integrates with Hubspot allowing you to track data and provide chat support to applicants within the awards platform. 

6. Mailchimp

While on the topic of awards marketing, we shouldn’t forget sending out emails, which is definitely an area that lends itself well to a productivity boost with an email marketing tool. Mailchimp is one such option, helping you with: 

  • Top-ranked email deliverability 
  • Drag-and-drop editors 
  • A/B testing 

Pro tip: Regardless of whether you use a dedicated email marketing tool, Evalato has your awards email communication covered with customizable automatic and broadcast emails for applicants and judges. 

7. Zoom

Having risen to prominence during the pandemic, Zoom is the go-to video collaboration tool, allowing you to: 

  • Collaborate with your remote team 
  • Hold webinars for your awards participants or jury members 
  • Conduct event sessions or even an online awards ceremony 

Evalato pro tip: Regardless of whether you decide to hold a live, online, or hybrid award ceremony, Evalato has you covered with a dedicated webpage to showcase your awards’ results and winners. 

8. Stripe 

Are your awards paid? Or does your awards program include sponsorship? In any case (or for any organization, for that matter), you need a reliable tool to help you improve productivity when it comes to payments. Stripe is our tool of choice in this category, offering a secure infrastructure for online payments, including: 

  • Tools to build optimized checkout flows 
  • Financial reconciliation and reporting 
  • Payouts to your bank account 

Evalato pro tip: When it comes to productivity in generating revenue, Evalato enables you to accept payments via 30+ cards, wallets, and various payment methods (including Stripe), and supports 160+ currencies. 

9. Calendly 

Few things improve productivity and save time as much as a tool that streamlines your appointments. Calendly is a great option for just that, helping you eliminate the back-and-forth emails or messages to schedule a convenient time. It features:  

  • Scheduling links based on availability 
  • Team-based scheduling 
  • Workflows and integrations for reminders, follow-ups, etc. 

Evalato pro tip: You can use Calendly to consult potential applicants on how to choose the right awards categories or craft their entries while communicating general information about your awards such as deadlines on Evalato’s auto-generated webpage. l 

10. Webflow 

Your organization’s and your awards program’s web presence can be a major time-consumer. Webflow is a tool that can help you boost productivity while creating a great online presence for your brand, leaving you limited only by your imagination with the following features: 

  • Fully customizable page structure 
  • Content-rich pages 
  • Localization options 

Evalato pro tip: Regardless of whether you use Webflow or not, you can trust Evalato with a webpage for your awards program where you can include all relevant information, complete with a registration form. 

11. ChatGPT

Hardly needing an introduction, this is one of the AI tools that can make your awards program smarter. Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT is a natural language processing tool that can answer questions and assist you with a variety of tasks for your awards program, such as: 

  • Content creation for your awards program 
  • Quiz and test questions if you are organizing a competition that requires a questionnaire 

Evalato pro tip: While ChatGPT can also help you write code, Evalato’s embeddable registration form saves you the trouble — you can integrate it on your website with a simple copy-paste to boost conversions. 

The absolute must-have 

All of the above tools will boost your awards management productivity to some extent, however, awards software like Evalato is the only one that will do it every step of the way. After all, that’s exactly what it’s designed to do. 

Want to see it in action? Try Evalato for free (no credit card required) or book a live personalized demo (also free) with one of our customer success experts to have all your questions answered.  

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