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Aug 1, 2019

Evalato among the Best New Technology Products for 2019

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Evalato is shortlisted for Best New Technology Product at the Event Technology Awards 2019 - the most prestigious technology awards for the event industry. The awards recognize the achievements of companies delivering digital and technological solutions to the events industry.  Hopefully we can add another award to the growing list of acknowledgments that Evalato has received since its launch. We’ll find out in November in London. The event industry is the one where Evalato is used the most, because the platform is the perfect solution for awards, call-for- papers, abstracts and closed type of events. It stands out among the rest with its unparalleled ease-of- use, highly customizable processes and powerful features. Some of the unique Evalato features that make it so suitable particularly for the event industry are its super-efficient marketing features: conversion triggers, special offers, promo codes, crossed-out- price feature and abandon registrations tracking.

More to come...

Just a few months ago, Evalato was awarded Best Value Software by Softwaresuggest. So we can expect nothing but more awards to come in the near future. Our biggest reward, however, has always been our happy customers.

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