The best and the smart choose Evalato

From the biggest names in the biz to small nonprofit organizations and startups, everyone overachieves with Evalato.

Heck, Evalato’s too good to be modest about!

Not to brag, but our mission was to make the best platform and we absolutely nailed it. Our customers agree!

Mary Kirilova
Baltic Event Awards

I can tell you just one thing – next year we will stay with same system. I have never met a more comfortable way for the voting process.

Nick Borelli
Borelli Strategies

I thought the process was incredibly easy and organized. I sent a few people I know who produce awards to check it out and they were impressed.

John Adams
The Motif Collective

This product is the best we could find on the market in both value and performance, there is nothing close to it.

How Career Show achieved 100% increase in submitted applications thanks to Evalato

Career Show used Evalato also for their Best Employer Awards. Operating with a time-saving and easy-to-use awards software was crucial for attracting the top companies as entrants in the competition.

How The American Institute of Building Design saved 70% of staff time and doubled its programs

Evalato helped them streamline their processes and make their applicants and judges happy. They also achieved 100% transparency of their awards with zero effort. Using one software instead of multiple solutions for their awards also resulted in both time and money saved. What’s more, they managed to increase the frequency of their award programs thanks to this higher efficiency.

How Dental Tribune reimagined their awards and reduced man-hours by 80%

Thanks to Evalato the Dental Tribune team quadrupled their efficiency and productivity. They also registered a remarkable rise in the number of entries. Using Evalato for running their awards helped them build a brand image of a modern and transparent award competition.

How Eventex Awards grew to become the biggest global event awards

Evalato was one of the main tools that contributed to the great increase in the number of registrants, entries and revenue of Eventex Awards 2019. First, by ensuring quick and simple registration and submission processes for entrants. And second, by providing great marketing tools that matched perfectly their marketing strategy.

How Baltic Event Awards established themselves as a factor in their region with minimum manpower and efforts

Handling such a big overload of entries was a true challenge for the very small team of Baltic Event Awards. It would have taken them twice the team they had and tons of more time and efforts to manage the entries, if they didn’t have Evalato. Luckily, they did!

Launch your program in minutes

No credit card required. Unlimited free testing.

Launch your program in minutes

No credit card required. Unlimited free testing.