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Mar 22, 2023

Evalato revamps evaluation suite in a new update 

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As part of our goal to constantly improve Evalato and help our users grow, we’re excited to unveil a major evaluation suite overhaul that features two brand-new rank voting types to reflect even more evaluation scenarios. 

We’ve also revamped Evalato’s Voting and Results sections, to improve visibility and further elevate the overall user experience. This update comes hot on the heels of our game-changing templates which allow you to set up your program faster than ever. 

Brand new voting types 

While Evalato’s existing voting options can accommodate multiple needs, we’ve expanded our catalog to include two ranked voting types, which are perfect for programs with multiple judges where reaching a consensus can turn into a challenge: 

Evalato - Brand new voting types 

  • Positional voting — each voter expresses their preferences in rank order. Applications receive points based on their rank position and the ones with the most points overall win. This system is based on the Borda count, which makes it particularly handy for programs with a large pool of applications that need to be ranked.  
  • Single transferable vote (SVT) — this rank-based system helps achieve proportional results, meaning it’s a great choice for multi-winner programs. While a vote is initially allocated to the voter’s first preference, it may subsequently be transferred according to an alternate preference if the application is eliminated or has received surplus votes. 
Evalato - Single transferable vote

Both positional voting and SVT are used for elections around the world, making them proven and unbiased solutions for reaching consensus among large swathes of voters. They also expand Evalato’s voting options to six in total, together with the existing score, popularity, points, and simple review voting. Included in Evalato’s Premium plan, the new ranked voting types give program organizers even more variety in selecting just the right type of voting for their needs, and/or creating a mix of voting types for the different evaluation rounds in their program. 

Evaluation Votes & Results sections get a makeover 

The new voting types, however, are not the only improvement this time around. We’ve also upgraded both the Evaluation Votes & Results sections in the program dashboard.

Votes section redesigned with new filters and better visibility

The Votes section has now been redesigned to feature the following:

  • Better visibility when changing the round — it is now easier than ever to change the round in to oversee the voting and results; 
  • New categories and judges filters for votes — we’ve added new filters to enable easier management, with votes now filtered by round, category, and/or judge. 
Evalato-Votes section redesigned with new filters and better visibility

Results section enhanced with new columns 

The Evaluation suite makeover also covers the Results section which now includes: 

  • New Rank column — we’ve added a new column for the Applications section for easier position viewing;
  • New Judge average score column — visible with score normalization voting, this new column in the Judges section gives a view of the average judge score based on all the applications the judge has evaluated.
  • Improved visibility — much like with the Votes section, Results now also boasts better visibility and use of filters when changing both the round and category.  

The redesign makes Evalato even more user-friendly, significantly improving the experience of program managers so they can always stay on top during the crucial evaluation phase. 

Evalato - Results section enhanced with new columns

Stay tuned for more 

As always, there’s more coming your way as we continue to improve Evalato to keep it in tune with your needs and help you grow your programs. In the meantime, we’ll appreciate your feedback on Evalato’s features, old and new — few things make us happier than hearing from our users. 

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