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Jun 6, 2023

Evalato welcomes Eventex Awards jury feedback

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Eventex Awards, which celebrate creativity, innovation, and effectiveness in the events industry, has wrapped up a successful 13th edition, which, alongside a string of happy winners, has also revealed a high level of judge satisfaction with the awards’ online judging platform — Evalato. This welcome news comes after earlier this spring, Eventex achieved an unprecedented 99% submission rate, in recognition of Evalato’s outstanding usability. 

High satisfaction rate and likelihood to recommend 

Following the conclusion of the evaluation phase, the Eventex team polled the awards’ esteemed jury — a handpicked selection of event industry superstars — about their experience with the Evalato platform. The team also wanted to check how convenient the voting process was for the judges and the survey results were pretty conclusive:

  • The majority of voters (35 out of 36) were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” when asked about the judging management software specifically; 
  • When asked about the likelihood of recommending Evalato as a judging platform, 47.2% rated it as 10 out of 10, while for another 44.4%, it stood either at 9 or 8
  • Two-thirds of voters rated their overall Eventex Awards 2023 evaluation experience with a 9 or a 10 out of 10; 

“Easy, intuitive, and efficient”

In addition to the dry, cold numbers, some of the Eventex Awards judges took the time to further praise Evalato. Here are some of our favorite quotes: 

It is an excellent platform for project and award qualification processes. It is fast and allows you to have a lot of multimedia information for both the desktop interface and the mobile one. I recommend it 100%.” Victor Cid Branger, Director, Eventos TV, Lumentium and Espacio Bureau 
“Easy, intuitive, and efficient. The best I could wish in this role.” Stefano Ferri, a journalist and communication consultant   
“Evalato is a powerful tool to evaluate projects at a highly professional level. Perfect for the awards jury.” Steffen Ronft, Event Psychology Lecturer

Eventex judging process 

Eventex has been using Evalato since its 9th year and has introduced a custom voting process to accommodate a massive number of categories sorted into groups and subgroups, evaluated by a sizable jury. Some of Evalato’s features which have proved particularly beneficial in that regard include:  

  • Score voting with multiple criteria — Eventex’s complex category structure also necessitates custom voting with a variety of criteria. Evalato’s score voting system with scorecards has proved perfect in that regard, with the Eventex team setting the weight of each criteria; 
  • A mix of judging and public voting with Eventex Awards also featuring Public’s Choice categories, they were also able to add a public voting round to their evaluation process; 
  • Next-gen judging portal — that is likely the main reason behind the positive jury feedback — Evalato’s user-friendly judging portal, accessible from any device, makes reviewing and evaluating entries as convenient as can be; 
  • Score normalization — this feature applies a mathematical formula to reduce variation in judging by standardizing each judge’s score. In the case of Eventex, since not all judges evaluate all entries, score normalization levels the playing field, insulating the entries from any unintentional judge bias. 

Looking ahead   

We welcome the positive feedback from Eventex and their esteemed jury and wish them luck in the awards’ upcoming 14th edition whose organization is already underway. With Evalato lending a hand as Eventex’s awards judging system of choice, we have no doubt that it will be another great one! And if you’re planning to organize an awards program of your own, Evalato can easily help you win the hears of your jury so that they keep coming back for each edition.    

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