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Aug 10, 2021

Major platform update with new event features and new pricing

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We’re thrilled to announce that Evalato now offers advanced virtual event features as part of your programs! The new capabilities allow you to host any type of event virtually - awards ceremonies, conferences, networking sessions, b2b matchmaking events, etc. This is included with all pricing plans because we don’t like putting features behind a paywall.

We spent many months improving, fixing, optimizing, and tweaking things across the board to ensure you get to enjoy a truly unique experience with Evalato. That’s right, the platform is now the only specialized awards management solution we know of to include such advanced capabilities.

What’s new

  • New applicant portal navigation and improved visibility across the board
  • New applicant portal home section where you can create a text page for your applicants and upload a cover image for improved branding
  • Create a custom event schedule with engaging webinars, live-streams, videos via Zoom, Youtube, Vimeo or any other 3rd party app.
  • Participants will appreciate the option to build and oversee their own agenda
  • Advanced matchmaking and 1:1 meetings for networking, community building, matchmaking as part of your programs

New pricing and more options

Last time we made changes to our pricing was all the way back in 2019. To continue improving the platform and maintaining the high quality of the product and our customer service, we’re changing our pricing. That part is never easy, because when people see the words “new pricing” they normally don’t expect a good thing. But we feel you’ll appreciate all the new options and flexibility on offer.

  • More pricing options to choose a plan that’s just right for you
  • No paywalled features, you get everything regardless of your plan
  • No more service fee per application and monthly billing
  • Upgrade your plan at any point with the click of a button

Check out the new features and pricing plans here.

Why you should be excited

First off, more pricing options is always a good thing - now you can choose the plan that’s just right for you. And we’re not putting any features behind a paywall. You get to play with all of our excellent features, including the new virtual event features! The plans are different only in how many programs and applications they allow.

There will be less hassle. No more service fee per application means no monthly billing and invoices for the use of Evalato! You pay once when you launch the program and that’s it. If you wish to upgrade your plan at any point, you can do so at the click of a button.

Another reason to be excited is we’ll be able to ensure the same level of high quality as the platform grows and to keep improving the service. Thanks to all of your excellent feedback, ideas, and suggestions, we’ve got some fantastic updates in the works that you’ll love. So enjoy and stay tuned for more!

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