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Feb 21, 2019

Usability is where Evalato steals the limelight

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According to user reviews (not to mention a number of awards the service received since its release), usability is one of Evalato's main strengths - how easy it is for users to learn and use the platform to achieve their goals, as well as their overall satisfaction with it. Perhaps the best person to explain why the platform excels at usability is the driving creative force behind it - Evalato’s Co-founder and Creative Director Simona Harizanova.

High user satisfaction

“It’s important to remember that usability is a combination of factors including design, ease of learning and use, and last but not least how well the user likes using the platform. Ultimately, this is what makes Evalato such a successful product - it’s a very complete and accomplished platform that works so well for our users and saves them hours of work.We’re so confident in our product that we offer unlimited free testing of the platform!”

Simple navigation, powerful features

“The first thing that springs to mind when you’re talking about usability, is the interface of the platform. We’ve made Evalato easy to navigate via two key menus - the program menu, with all the program settings and features, and the main menu for organization and profile options. Of course the interface is deceptively simple, because the more you use Evalato the more you realize what a robust set of tools the platform offers. That was our biggest challenge - keeping it simple while delivering everything you could possibly want from the submission and evaluation platform of the future... and we nailed it.”

Program management becomes a breeze

“When we came up with the idea for the submission and evaluation platform of the future, it was born out of pure frustration. Our team had to do everything manually, which is no big deal if you’re handling a few applications at a time, but becomes a nightmare when you have to go through hundreds of emails, word documents and whatnot! Evalato is designed in a way that makes creating, managing, and handling every process for your programs easier than ever.”

Great convenience for applicants

“We didn’t just focus on the management side of a program. The old-school process of submitting an entry is not streamlined either and often takes multiple steps to complete, across a few applications. You can’t make people jump through hoops to accomplish something as simple as submitting an application. And with Evalato you don’t - each applicant gets their own clean and easy to use portal, where they get to create, edit, preview and send their submissions.”

Judges have it easy as well

“We know people tasked with evaluating program entries have also endured some tedious and slow processes as part of their task. With Evalato they’re treated to a simple judging interface that’s effortless to understand and navigate. Judges get the job done with a few clicks of the mouse - the way it should be really.”

Payment gateways integrated into the platform

“Another aspect we consider a usability issue that other platforms got wrong is payments. With Evalato, you use one of the integrated payment gateways to collect payments from your customers. This means two very important things - first, the money goes directly into your own merchant account, right away after each sale. And second, there’s no “middleman” in the transactions between you and your customers, making our solution not only more convenient, but also more secure.”

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