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May 2, 2019

When versatility matters and why Evalato stands above the rest

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When talking about the versatility of a software, this refers to its ability to be adapted to many different use cases, functions, situations, or activities. Making Evalato as versatile as possible was one of our top priorities, alongside security and usability. As our Head of Marketing & Communications, Valeria Paskaleva knows all about Evalato’s versatility and why you need the submission and evaluation platform as Evalato of the future in your life.

One platform to fit them all

“Evalato was created as a specialized solution for any program out there that involves the process of collecting, managing and evaluating different kinds of online applications. Whether you’re managing awards, contests, scholarships, grants, funding campaigns, accelerator, HR or any other kind of program, Evalato has the features, flexibility, and customizability to fit your exact needs.”

Versatility without sacrificing usability

“Versatility is difficult to achieve when you’re also trying to keep things simple, but difficult never stopped us. Literally every feature and functionality we’ve added to the platform, can be edited, customized, or at least stylized in one way or another.I’m proud to say the end result is a platform that’s extremely versatile without making compromises in terms of powerful and easy to use.Hence our motto that Evalato allows you to work smart (not hard!)”

Maximum convenience at the best bang for the buck

“I believe Evalato has the most robust set of features, which means our price-performance ratio, is off the charts - this sort of versatility in a single, affordable platform is fairly unheard of nowadays. We’ve got the perfect solution for your company to build success upon, without breaking the bank.”

Integrates with 1000+ other apps

“There isn’t a single technology that does it all (which is probably a good thing, because it would probably be way too complex and difficult to use). That’s why software versatility is also measured by the ability of the software to integrate and work seamlessly with other software solutions you use in your everyday work. We wanted to make sure Evalato connects to your favourite apps and services. It really blurs the lines between applications, so you can use it with other solutions you work with - like email marketing platforms, invoicing software, CRM solutions, etc.There’s more than 1000 apps Evalato can send information to!”

Works great with your own site

“The cherry on top the icing of the cake is the fact Evalato can be embedded directly into a website, much like a YouTube video. I feel this is again tremendous versatility - using the platform on your site and making the registration experience for your program happen there from start to finish, making it blend seamlessly with no going to 3rd party sites, pop-ups, or other annoyances.”

Constant improvement

“When you want to estimate the versatility of a software, remember to check one more thing - whether and how it improves over time. If someone claims their software is perfect, don’t buy it. As with anything there is no perfect software. What’s important is the persistent striving for perfection. For a software that means new features, updates and improvements.Our main focus at Evalato is to constantly improve our product and processes to comply with our customers’ needs. The results (we marketers love to measure results, you know) in only 6 months of existence are 3 major updates, lots of small improvements, 86 NPS and tons of “thank you-s” from our happy customers - our biggest reward. ”

Evalato is the next-gen submission and evaluation platform from the team behind the award-winning Weemss suite. The platform is an amazing tool for streamlining, automating, and managing any kind of program - from awards and contests, to processing scholarship applications, grants, funding campaigns, accelerator programs, etc.

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