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Nov 9, 2018

Why Evalato’s pricing is as good as it gets

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With Evalato our focus has always been functionality, usability, flexibility, security. But a good product needs to come at the right price. Here’s what Evalato Co-founder Ovanes Ovanessian had to say about our pricing model and its importance in creating an affordable, flexible service for every budget.

Reasonable pricing for companies of any size

“We always strive to provide the best service at the best possible price. With Evalato you get a perfect example of that, as there’s a suitable plan for every company and organization. Now you can work smart (not hard) without breaking the piggy bank!”

The “Pay as you go” plan

“With our Pay as you go plan, you only pay a fixed fee of €900 per program and a small service fee of €3 per submission. We also let you register and try the platform absolutely for free, just because we're THAT confident in the quality of our platform. Essentially, there’s no risk - you only pay for actual usage.”

There’s an annual plan, for extra affordability

“We also offer the Annual plan for organizations looking to pay less than the standard fee per submission. With this you prepay for the whole year and you have up to 3 000 submissions included at a considerably discounted rate to use the platform without any other service fees. We’ve added a useful fee calculator on our Pricing page to help you decide which is better for you - the Pay as you go or the Annual plan.”

And a Custom plan too

“If you're processing more than 3 000 applications per year, or require some additional services and features, we can offer you a customized Enterprise plan, that fits your exact needs. Simply contact us and we’ll tailor a pricing plan specifically for your organization. This is another one of our main strengths - versatility!”

No setup or additional fees

“There’s no setup cost and no additional fees to using Evalato. With our free Test mode you don’t even need to enter a credit card to try the platform. You can see how everything works and launch your program in less than an hour! That’s how confident we are in our service.”

No training costs either

“There’s zero training cost as well, instead we’ve prepared short video tutorials for every of setting up your program. Ideally, we’d have put kittens in these videos (everyone loves kittens), but eventually we decided your time is too valuable. There’s also an extensive collection of short help articles to assist you. You can Register and start using the service right away as it’s really easy to get into and will undoubtedly change the way you work.”

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