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Evalato is all-in-one awards judging software that streamlines your evaluation process from start to finish.
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Evalato Judging tools
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Voting types for every judging scenario 

Choose from 6 voting types, including simple review, ranking, or more complex evaluation with multiple criteria.

Evalato Score Voting

Score voting

Evaluation with custom scorecards, each with its own set of criteria, weights, and scale
Evalato Popularity voting

Popularity voting

A type of voting where one or more submissions are picked as the best from a list.
Evalato Simple review

Simple review

For or against type of voting where evaluators can go through the shortlisted submissions quickly.
Evalato Points voting

Points voting

Voting via a points distribution system, which can be limited per submission, category, and round.
Evalato Positional voting

Positional voting

A system where voters express their preferences in rank order, while applications get points based on their rank position, and the ones with the most points overall win.
Evalato Single Transferable Vote (STV)

Single transferable vote (STV)

A rank-based system where a vote is initially allocated to the voter’s first preference, but may be transferred to an alternate preference.

“Evalato is a powerful tool to evaluate projects at a highly professional level. Perfect for the awards jury.”

Steffen Ronft's testimonial about Evalato
Steffen Ronft
University lecturer in event psychology
full control

Judging made simple

Choose the best judging scenario for your program, give judges their own next-gen portal, save time with email automation, keep track of results, and manage votes.

Multiple voting rounds
Add as many evaluation rounds as you need — you can use any combination of voting types for a truly unique judging process.
Evalato - Multiple voting rounds
Score normalization
Evalato’s score normalization ensures that each entry is evaluated based on the same standards regardless of the number of judges and whether they are more critical or generous.
Screenshot score normalization
Judging panel or Public voting
From simple public voting to complex scoring with various criteria, or ranked voting by a panel of judges, you can set up the perfect mix of evaluation rounds.
about public voting
Evalato - Judging panel or public voting
Next-generation judging portal
Walked the extra mile to keep them happy. Our full-fledged portal enables judges to vote, abstain, and leave comments from any personal or mobile device.
Evalato - Judging portal
Email automation to save you time 
Evalato’s email automation handles your communication not only with applicants but with judges as well, freeing you up time and making sure that your judges never miss a deadline.
Evalato - email automation

“It is an excellent platform for project and award qualification processes. It is fast and allows you to have a lot of multimedia information for both the desktop interface and the mobile one.”

Victor Cid Branger's testimonial about Evalato
Victor Cid Branger
Director, Eventos TV, Lumentium and Espacio Bureau
you’re in charge

Stay on top of the judging process

Evalato enables you to stay in charge during the entire online awards submission and judging process.

Watch real-time results
Always be up-to-date with the latest results.
Monitor the judging progress
Keep track of how all your judges vote.
Manage votes
View, sort, and delete votes as needed. 
Announce winners
Tag submissions and showcase winners on a dedicated webpage. 
Evalato - Judging process

“Thanks to Evalato, we have a 98% judges retention rate — our event industry experts love the platform which is super intuitive and makes it easy for them to evaluate multiple entries.”

Dessislava Marinova's testimonials about Evalato
Dessislava Marinova
Project Manager, Eventex Awards

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