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Public voting done right. Let the people have their say in choosing the worthiest winners. 
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Evalato - Judging & Public voting

Manage public voting with ease

Let the people nominate the worthiest individuals and organizations, empower the public to select the most deserving winners, and boost your audience engagement

People’s Choice awards





Community awards 

full control

Public voting made simple

Set up a public round where every person gets to vote with a simple social login

Tailor every element of your public voting rounds down to the last detail. Simple, fast, and completely adaptable to fit your needs.
Evalato - Multiple voting rounds
Public voting portal
Dedicated space for the public to review applications and choose the most deserving winners. 
Evalato - Public voting portal
Social login
Scrap the lengthy registration processes by letting the public log in with a single step using their Google, LinkedIn, or Facebook profile.
Evalato - Judging panel or public voting

“Using the public voting portal was as easy as can be. From logging in, through viewing all the entries, and selecting the best ones — it’s all intuitive, user-friendly, and it looks pretty good.

Dessislava Marinova's testimonials about Evalato
Leandro Rafaelli
Project Manager, Eventex Awards
All scenarios covered

Public voting types for every scenario

Choose from 6 voting types, ranging from simple public choice to complex evaluation with multiple criteria, to accommodate any type of program.

Evalato Score Voting

Score voting

Evaluation using custom scorecards, each with customizable criteria, weights, and scale.
Evalato Popularity voting

Popularity voting

Ideal for a public voting round where one or more entries are selected as the best from a list.
Evalato Simple review

Simple review

Evaluation with for or against voting where the public can quickly sort the shortlisted submissions.
Evalato Points voting

Points voting

Evaluation through a points distribution system with optional limits per submission, category, and round.
Evalato Positional voting

Positional voting

Voters express their preferences in rank order, while submissions are awarded points reflecting their rank position, and the ones with the most points win.
Evalato Single Transferable Vote (STV)

Single transferable vote - STV

A rank-based evaluation system where a vote may be transferred to an alternate preference if the voter’s first preference is eliminated or elected with surplus votes. 
Completely customizable

Multiple rounds

Stick with a single public voting round or opt for a mix of public voting and judging rounds, each with its own customizable rules to accommodate even the most complex evaluation scenario. 

Evalato - Public voting - multiple rounds
Set up a completely unique evaluation process
Tailor every element to perfectly match your program’s needs.
Run multiple rounds
Set up as many or as few voting rounds as you want. 
Combine voting types
Create any combination of judging and public voting rounds.

“We use Evalato’s public voting both for our People’s Choice categories and for our annual indexes of the biggest event industry names. In both cases, it has been super easy to set up and customize, and it enhances the impact of our awards”

Dessislava Marinova's testimonials about Evalato
Dessislava Marinova
Project Manager, Eventex Awards
you’re in charge

Stay on top of the public voting process

Access information and manage the votes for every submission quickly and easily.

Monitor voting across all submissions and categories 
Keep track of how the public votes. 
Manage public votes
View, sort, and delete votes with ease.
Stay in control of submissions
Quickly approve and shortlist submissions as needed.
Evalato - Judging process

Public voting done right

Unlock your full potential and grow our program while Evalato handles the rest.

Enterprise-grade security

Full compliance with regulations, bank-level protection, and meticulous monitoring.

24/7 five star support

Our support is rated by our customers 5/5 everywhere.

100% data ownership

You are the sole owner of your data.

Lightning fast, ultra scalable

Reliable infrastructure that handles thousands of entries simultaneously with 99.98% uptime.

Integrated with 5000+ apps

Automate almost any task by connecting Evalato to the tools you already use.

“We’ve been using Evalato to organize our public voting contests and couldn’t be happier with the platform’s versatility and flexibility — and our voters love it too.”

Daniela Stamova - Event manager, Career show
Daniela Stamova
Event Manager, Career Show

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