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Social login

Let the public have their say without any lengthy registration processes or jumping through hoops – everyone can log in using their Google, LinkedIn, or Facebook profile.


Tailor every element of your public voting rounds down to the last detail. Simple, fast, and completely flexible to your needs.

Voting types

Choose from 4 voting types, including simple public choice or more complex evaluation with multiple criteria.

  • Score voting – evaluation with custom scorecards, each with its own set of criteria, weights, and scale.
  • Popularity voting – for “Top Picks” public voting phases where one or more submissions are picked as the best from a list.
  • Simple review – for or against type of public voting where the public can go through the shortlisted submissions quickly.
  • Points voting – voting via a points distribution system, which can be limited per submission, category, and round.

Multiple rounds

Add multiple judging rounds and various voting types, each with its own customizable rules, from simple application approval, to complex score voting scenarios!

Easy management

Approve and shortlist submissions for your public voting round with a simple click of the mouse.

Manage votes

Access information and manage the votes for every submission quick and easy, the way it should be.

See the results!

See judging progress, individual scores, results and rankings across all submissions and categories.

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