The most powerful tools for your evaluation phase

Judges vs. Public voting

Hand-pick every member of the judging panel for your program, or allow the public to have their say. You can even use a combination of both options to help you choose the worthiest applications!

Voting types

Choose from 4 voting types, including simple public choice or more complex evaluation with multiple criteria.

  • Score voting – evaluation with custom scorecards, each with its own set of criteria, weights, and scale.
  • Popularity voting – for “Top Picks” public voting phases where one or more submissions are picked as the best from a list.
  • Simple review – for or against type of public voting where the public can go through the shortlisted submissions quickly.
  • Points voting – voting via a points distribution system, which can be limited per submission, category, and round.

Multiple rounds

Add as many voting rounds as you need for your program’s evaluation phase, you can use any combination of evaluators and voting types!

Dedicated portals

Dedicated evaluation phase portals for program judges and a separate portal for public voting, You can add easily accessible instructions and terms for each portal.

Robust customization

Tailor every element of your voting rounds down to the last detail. Simple, fast, and completely flexible to your needs. Add a new dimension to your awards, contests, programs with Evalato.

Easy to use

Adding a new dimension to your awards, contests, and programs has never been easier with Evalato and you get to be as creative as you wish.

Every scenario works

From simple public voting to complex scoring with various criteria by a panel of judges, you can have any combination of evaluators and voting types to create truly unique assessment phases.

  • Public voting to decide who makes the shortlist, then let judges decide pick the winner? – Check
  • What about the other way around? – A few clicks of the mouse and you’re there
  • Wish to set multiple criteria, or keep the voting process super simple? – Either way works
  • Allow both the judges and the audience to each pick their own winners? – Piece of pie

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