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Jun 3, 2023

Evalato vs. Award Force: Which awards management software is the right choice for you? 

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Talk about a battle of giants. When we compare Award Force vs. Evalato, while both can get the job done and done well, we’ve listed several reasons why Evalato is arguably the best awards management system choice for your organization. So, if you’re looking for Award Force alternatives, read on. 

Evalato vs. Award Force features 

Before we get to the nitty-gritty, let’s see how Award Force vs. Evalato stack up feature-wise, looking at some award programs essentials*:

* As of April 2023

While both awards program software choices have a lot going for them, Evalato stands out with more voting options, score normalization, and an embeddable registration form. So, let’s look at what these features are and why they matter. 

Еvalato offers an embeddable registration form for an uninterrupted user experience

Any awards management software worth its salt should be just as easy to use from the front end as from the back end and Evalato’s embeddable registration form is where the front-end experience starts. Let’s see why it’s important: 

  • It provides an applicant-friendly experience from the get-go;
  • It keeps registrants on your website rather than sending them on a registration quest.

The result is a higher conversion rate and, by implication, higher revenue than you would get otherwise. Want a dedicated page for your awards program where you can embed the registration form? No problem, Evalato has you covered with a website builder.    

With Evalato you get a more agile judging process

While for some programs just one type of voting will do, others require more complex scenarios. Both Award Force and Evalato offer score, popularity, and simple review voting, as well as single transferable vote. Evalato, however, has the following extras: 

  • Points voting where each voter is asked to distribute a set number of points among shortlisted applications; 
  • Positional voting where voters express their preferences in rank order and the applications with the most points overall win.  

Coupled with unlimited voting rounds as well as public voting, this adds extra flexibility to Evalato’s evaluation process. 

Only Evalato equips you with score normalization to prevent unintentional bias

While voting should be unbiased by default, you always get that one judge who woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or the one who is scoring everything up. Score normalization insulates your entries from this type of unintentional bias by applying a mathematical formula to standardize each judge’s scores.  

Evalato is super easy to set up 

If you’re looking for an Award Force alternative with a super easy set-up, Evalato lets you get started in a snap with: 

  • Intuitive interface that turns the learning curve from a steep hike into a casual stroll; 
  • Preconfigured customizable templates that give your program a head start based on your use case; 
  • Option to clone your program for the next edition to save you even more time. 
  • Enhanced category structure with groups and subgroups to cater to even the most complex of awards programs. 

“The whole process of managing an awards program has been extremely easy to setup and execute. It's been a joy!” Lavina Thakur, Founder - EDCA: Experiential Design and Creativity Awards

It’s no wonder then that Evalato has a near-perfect Easiest setup score of 9.7 and has won the Easiest setup badge 7 times on third-party review website G2

That’s not all 

While those are the main differences when we compare Evalato and Award Force, let’s see what else Evalato offers in terms of usability and applicant experience.

Applicants & judges love it  

In addition to the embeddable registration form,. Evalato keeps applicants as well as judges happy with:

  • An assignable, customizable, and sleek application form;  
  • A user-friendly applicant portal that gives every applicant their own space to craft the perfect entry; 
  • A dedicated judging portal that lets your judges work from any device; 
  • Automated emails to make sure no one ever misses a deadline.  

As a result, Evalato frequently wins customer-loved solution awards on third-party review platforms such as G2, Crozdesk, etc.

Integrations for even more functionality  

No awards software is all-powerful, and Award Force and Evalato are no exception. This is where integrations come in. With Evalato, you can easily connect to HubSpot and Intercom, as well as Google Analytics.

You can do all the free testing you want 

With Evalato, you can also sign up for unlimited testing, with no credit card required.  

Award Force vs. Evalato — why even ask?   

Still not sure whether Evalato is a viable Award Force alternative? No problem, you can book a demo and see how Evalato works or set up an account with Evalato for free and see for yourself. 

Disclaimer: The above comparison article is based on publicly available information on the websites of Evalato and Award Force, as well as on third-party review platforms G2 and CrozDesk. The information has been retrieved in April 2023. 

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