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Jan 17, 2024

Evalato vs. Judgify: Which awards management solution is the best fit for your needs? 

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In this article

  • A comparison of Evalato and Judgify features
  • Evalato’s easy program setup
  • Why everyone loves Evalato’s embeddable registration form
  • A look into Evalato’s integration with HubSpot
  • Why Evalato’s score normalization is important
  • What else you get with Evalato
  • Evalato vs. Judgify — what should you choose

Organizing a stellar awards program is no small feat and to have the best shot, you need the perfect software fit, which is where thorough research of different solutions comes in. So, if you happen to be stuck on the choice between Judgify and Evalato, and weighing their pros and cons, this article can help by pointing out the benefits of Evalato as a Judgify alternative. 

Judgify vs. Evalato select features comparison 

A software solution is only as good as its features which is why our comparison starts with those. So, let’s see how Evalato and Judgify stack up on some awards management essentials*:

Comparison chart

As you can see, Evalato stands out with an easy set-up, along with an embeddable registration form, score normalization, and integrations which give users more customer interaction options. Now, let’s take a look into what makes these quite the boon when it comes to awards management. 

Evalato makes program setup a breeze 

An awards program starts with planning and setup, with the latter being where Evalato delivers in spades:

  • Preconfigured customizable templates — based on the most common use cases, Evalato’s program templates come with the most essential settings in place, with every element still completely customizable;  
  • One-click clone — while setting up a program in Evalato is as easy as 1-2-3 even for first-timers, setting up the next edition is even easier with the one-click clone option which you can do yourself. 

The result is an incredibly easy set-up process, one of the reasons why Evalato’s customers are able to save 40 hours per month on average

The embeddable registration that everyone loves  

While Evalato is an awards manager favorite, it takes applicant experience pretty seriously too and the embeddable registration form is one of the things that makes both parties happy: 

  • Awards managers love it because it boosts conversions by keeping applicants in one place, eliminating extra registration steps;
  • Applicants enjoy the seamless registration experience, starting off the whole application process on a positive, user-friendly note. 

At the end of the day, Evalato’s embeddable registration form results in more entries for awards organizers and happier applicants who are more likely to return to the next edition of the program too. 

Integrations take customer service to the next level 

Talking about happier applicants, Evalato’s integration with HubSpot means that you can provide unparalleled customer service by adding chat functionality to your program pages. And if you want to further enhance your program’s features and performance, you can connect Evalato to over 5000 popular apps and services on the web courtesy of Zapier.     

Evalato’s score normalization for a fairer judging process  

While your program judges are likely evaluating entries with as much impartiality as possible, they are still human, meaning they might take a more positive or negative stance despite their best intentions. This is where score normalization comes in — what is essentially a mathematical formula ensures that no unintentional bias enters the evaluation equation, making for undisputed review objectivity.  

What else you get with Evalato awards management software 

While this is just a small sample of Evalato’s features that make it stand out as an alternative to Judgify, you can also expect the following:

  • Next-gen applicant and judging portals — Evalato’s top-notch applicant and judging portals, accessible from any device, make sure that all parties enjoy a smooth and user-friendly experience, enabling them to focus on crafting or evaluating entries, respectively; 
  • Email automation — Evalato’s customizable automated emails save you time and effort while ensuring that no one misses a program deadline;  
  • Branding options — you can easily customize the various elements of your awards program to make it consistent with your brand image. 
  • A dedicated webpage for announcing results & winners — regardless of whether you decide to hold an awards ceremony or not, Evalato has you covered with a way to recognize winners. 

Here’s what one Evalato customer has to say about the platform: 

“[It’s] brilliant, [we] have used other systems over a 10-year period, and their [Evalato] program and support are the best.” Rob Clarke, Head of LearnX®

Evalato vs. Judgify — the verdict 

While Judgify is perhaps the only choice if you’re looking for free awards management software, Evalato supplies you with all the tools you need to provide a high-quality experience for both your applicants and judges. Want to see how it works? Sign up for free or book a demo with our customer success team.   

Disclaimer: The above comparison article is based on publicly available information on the websites of Evalato and Judgify. The information has been retrieved in November 2023. 

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