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Aug 30, 2023

Evalato vs. Submittable — which awards management system should you go with?  

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Browsing for the best awards management solution for your program and stuck on Submittable vs. Evalato? While both options have their own standout functionalities, there’s no need to flip a coin — we’re here to tell you why Evalato is the top Submittable alternative when it comes to stellar awards management. Read on! 

Evalato vs. Submittable features 

Any software is only as good as its features, so before we dive in further, let’s see where Evalato and Submittable stand on some essential features*: 

Comparison chart 

* As of June 2023

** On G2 as of June 2023

As you can see, Evalato takes the lead with an embeddable registration form, more preset evaluation types such as positional voting and single transferable vote, and score normalization. Let’s see why these matter when organizing an awards competition. 

Evalato is super easy to set up  

Setting up your program is where your awards management process really kicks in. Even if you’re a first-timer, Evalato’s pre-set customizable templates have you covered. Centered around the most common use cases, they can help you get the ball rolling in a snap. 

Evalato’s templates are complemented by the following features for an even easier setup:

  • User-friendly interface that takes the learning curve out of the program launch equation; 
  • One-click program clone to fast-track subsequent editions of your program; 
  • Enhanced category structure that accommodates awards programs of even the biggest complexity. 

As a result, you can get your program up and running in under an hour, regardless of your previous experience with awards management. 

Evalato’s embeddable registration form boosts conversions 

The embeddable registration form is where Evalato kicks things up into high gear. Wondering what’s the big deal about an embeddable registration form? It makes registration possible directly from your website. The result is:

  • A seamless experience for your applicants; 
  • Better conversion rates and if your awards are paid, better revenue;
  • Your program looks more trustworthy because let’s face it, redirecting to third-party websites always makes things feel a bit dodgy. 

So, Evalato’s embeddable registration form, coupled with a state-of-the-art applicant portal, equals a stellar user experience not just for you but for your customers.  

Flexible evaluation process

Moving onto evaluation, Evalato makes setting up your unique voting process super easy with: 

  • Preset voting types, such as positional voting and single transferable vote to cater to both single- and multi-winner outcomes; 
  • Unlimited voting rounds to accommodate even the most complex cases.   

That, coupled with a next-gen judging portal, makes sure that your industry experts will be back for subsequent editions of your program. 

Here’s what one international awards manager has to say about Evalato: 

“Thanks to Evalato, we have a 98% judges retention rate — our event industry experts love the platform which is super intuitive and makes it easy for them to evaluate multiple entries.” Dessislava Marinova, Project Manager, Eventex Awards

Unintentional bias avoided through score normalization 

With awards, you should leave no stone unturned to make sure there’s no bias in evaluation which is why Evalato introduced score normalization. We won’t bore you with the math formula behind it; suffice to say, it reduces variation in judging by standardizing each judge's scores. This means that applications get insulated from any unintentional bias, regardless of whether a judge reviews entries through rose-colored glasses or they stepped on a Lego right before voting.  

What you also get with Evalato 

While those are just some main differences between Submittable and Evalato that matter for awards management, Evalato has a lot to offer, including: 

  • Secure and customizable payment process that lets you charge entry fees securely, with multiple options on when to request payment; 
  • Judging and public voting portals that keep your evaluators happy, be it a jury of renowned experts or the general public; 
  • Flawless email automation that makes sure that your applicants and your judges never miss a deadline. 

The result is happy applicants and judges, and multiple stars for Evalato in third-party review websites like G2, Crozdesk, and FeaturedCustomers. 

Evalato’s flexible pricing caters to every organization 

While Submittable’s pricing is not disclosed on their website, you can easily check Evalato’s plans and find your perfect fit. And if you’re wondering how much Evalato’s awesome functionality will cost you, have no fear. Evalato’s plans start from as little as €900 with functionalities sufficient to accommodate startups, small businesses, and nonprofits looking to set up a free program. And if you need to scale up, Evalato has your back too.  

You can test Evalato for free 

Evalato believes that you should see for yourself how something works before you pay for it, so you can sign up for unlimited testing, no credit card needed.  

Evalato vs. Submittable — see for yourself 

While Submittable is a great solution, especially if you manage grants, Evalato boasts awesome awards management functionalities that make exploring it further worth it. 

Need further convincing that Evalato is a top awards management alternative to Submittable? Book a demo and have all your questions answered by an Evalato expert. 

Disclaimer: The above comparison article is based on publicly available information on the websites of Evalato and Submittable, as well as on third-party review platforms G2, CrozDesk, and FeaturedCustomers. The information has been retrieved in June 2023. 

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