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Sep 25, 2023

Evalato vs. OpenWater: Which is the right awards management alternative for you? 

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Picking just the right awards management software to trust is never easy, and there’s naturally a lot of research involved. So if you happen to be stuck choosing between Evalato and OpenWater, we are here to help. While both solutions have their pros and cons (just like pretty much any software out there), read on to see why Evalato is an excellent OpenWater alternative. 

Evalato vs. OpenWater features 

First things first, let’s see how Evalato and OpenWater compare in terms of some essential features for awards management*. 

Comparison chart

*As of August 2023

**On SoftwareSuggest as of August 2023 

This OpenWater vs. Evalato chart comparison clearly shows that Evalato is in the lead in terms of voting options, along with video upload and streaming, and an embeddable registration form. Now, let’s see how these will help you when setting up your awards program. 

Evalato’s embeddable registration form ensures a seamless applicant experience 

One of the hallmarks of a great awards management platform is its usability for applicants. This is where Evalato really delivers with its embeddable registration form. Not sure why it matters so much? Here’s the deal:

  • It keeps applicants on your website, saving them an extra step and creating an uninterrupted user experience; 
  • It is better from а marketing point of view — the smooth registration process is a selling point for your awards program, giving your marketing efforts a boost, and enabling you to run a remarketing campaign;   
  • It is good for your program’s reputation — sending people to third-party websites to fill out forms gives off a slightly fishy vibe.

The result is better conversions, aka., more entries for your awards program, and if it is paid, more revenue. If you’re worried about not having a dedicated site where you can embed the registration form, Evalato has you covered with that too with a ready-made webpage. 

Video upload & streaming expand your application options 

Talking about a seamless experience for applicants when comparing OpenWater and Evalato, the latter stands out with its video upload and streaming options which significantly elevate both the applicant and judging experience with: 

  • Option for playing the videos directly in a browser;
  • No download needed for watching videos;  
  • Security of videos that cannot be hosted on the likes of YouTube or Vimeo.

Here’s what one judge in an international awards competition had to say about Evalato: 

“It is an excellent platform for project and award qualification processes. It is fast and allows you to have a lot of multimedia information for both the desktop interface and the mobile one.”

Victor Cid Branger, Director, Eventos TV, Lumentium, and Espacio Bureau

Asking your applicants to enhance their entry with a video is incredibly easy too, thanks to Evalato’s customizable and sleek application form.

Multiple voting options for a versatile evaluation process 

Evalato’s judging functionalities cater to even the most complex of voting requirements, complete with 6 voting types, including two very practical ones that OpenWater does not seem to currently offer:

  • Points voting — evaluation by means of a points distribution system which can be limited by submission, category, and round; 
  • Single transferable vote — a rank-based system where the vote is initially allocated to the voter’s first choice but may be transferred to an alternate preference, making this an ideal voting method for consensus multi-winner outcomes. 

This, alongside Evalato’s next-gen judging and public voting portals, makes sure that your evaluation goes without a hitch. 

Score normalization to scrap unintentional bias 

In a perfect world, all your judges will evaluate entries with 100% objectivity. In reality, however, despite their best intentions, judges are sometimes susceptible to moods or even subconscious bias, which could impact their evaluations. This is where Evalato’s score normalization comes in, a mathematical formula that does away with any unintentional bias during the judging process. Developed with the needs of awards organizers in mind, this unique feature ensures unparalleled review process objectivity.   

There’s more 

While the above covers Evalato’s main advantages as an OpenWater alternative, there’s a lot more that you can expect:

  • Easy setup with customizable templates — Evalato lets you get started in a snap thanks to its preset templates which you can tweak to match your program’s requirements to perfection; 
  • Branding options — vanity and custom domains, as well as custom cover and colors to elevate your awards marketing
  • Email automation — Evalato handles the majority of your communication with applicants and judges, saving you time and making sure all stakeholders stay informed. 

Our clients love the online system and keep coming back.” Rob Clarke, Head of LearnX®   

There’s an Evalato pricing plan for everyone 

While OpenWater does not disclose its pricing information on its website, you always know where you stand with Evalato’s pricing plans. For as little as €900, you get all the functionalities you need to supercharge a fledging awards program. And as you grow, Evalato makes scaling up as easy as can be. 

Evalato vs. OpenWater — test and choose 

While OpenWater has you covered with some neat functionalities too, especially if you manage scholarships, fellowships and call for abstracts, Evalato’s primary focus is on awards, which makes it a top choice for this type of program.. Don’t just take our word for it though — set up a free account and test as much as you want. Or if you want a more personal approach, book a demo with one of our stellar customer success experts — that one’s on the house too. 

Disclaimer: The above comparison article is based on publicly available information on the websites of Evalato and OpenWater, as well as on third-party review platform SoftwareSuggest. The information has been retrieved in August 2023. 

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